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Da Cap'n

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Will it be humid tomorrow or can I count on it being dry?


Actually, my weather instrument "thingie" has gone off the charts with messurements and "stuff" and it says that it's gonna snow in Miami for the first time in 74 years!! OH MY GOD, SNOW!!?? This is a breakthrough in Meteorology!! Bundle up people, IT'S GONNA SNOW!!!!!!

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how did this thread evade me for 5 pages?!??!


You never pay attention to me, man... :(


Panch, if you had to move to a place where there are no impending hurricanes, or tornados, or tidal waves, or earthquakes... or any other natural disasters, where would you go?


The Moon.


WHERE IS OUR METEOROLOGIST?!?!??!?!?!?!??!??!?!??


Right here!

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