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Are you every playing video games or just hanging out with DJ (siBob),and suddenly, out of nowhere, picture him in a dress?


Picturing DJ in a dress is like picturing a banana in the mouf of a monkey...well wait come to think of it..DJ would look almost fitting in a lady like dress...


...but seriously no, DJ doesnt exactly have a dress wearing quality to his broad self, and I don't think I could stand to see him in a dress either.

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I hate mushrooms...what fudge packin' salad tossin bunghole said "hey, lets eat fungis... yea!"

I hate onions...if it makes you cry, then why put yourself thru that?

I hate liver...if it played a role in the seperating of organics into shit and piss...prolly not something ya need to be chewin' on.

I like pizza, good guy that pizza-inventer guy.

I like meat...steaks, burgers, steak burgers!

I like pasta

I like ice cream too, gotta have some cream 'o ice

I like women...oh wait, not that kind of eating huh?


superE...this was a prior post and here ya have it again


but the last one...women...various parts are fav foods too finger foods ;)

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Awww, that's so sweet. I wish my gal would do that for m-....oh wait, I only have two letters in my name. Screw that.


Well DJ... you could decide to be called daniel the day before your birf and make your girl have to do some last minute shoppin! then after your birf go back to DJ :D


Aoi Inu Posted Today, 03:28 AM

Anyways, are you a likes-talking-on-the-phone guy, rather be online, or it depends on your mood?


well honestly, I dont really like talking on the phone that much...kinda annoying, but sometimes thats the only way to talk to someone. :D

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