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Admit it, man, you'd do Ryan Reynolds if you had the chance, right?


Hmm, would I be eligible for some of his monetary wages if I claim he harrassed me after?? like most snivley bitches do....have sex then yell rape?



plus if you are pitching, you arent gay...if you receive you are...so would I 'DO" him...it might be an popularity boost, so ya never know.

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Now that is the most insane argument I've ever heard.


well insane, yes...funny, yes...uhm... funny, yes , oh wait already said that...


at least I got a rise out of MH ... how you doin' :D


but i will cut that out since she is claimed

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Well...let me rephrase...


A man is as faithful as his options.


If I had a married woman I really had the hots for...and I thought that I stood a chance... I don't know what I would do. I'd like to think I had the respect to let them seperate before I moved in for the kill...


but again..back to the 'faithful as his options' part...right now I don't have any options of women that want me so I can claim that I am as solid as an oak...for now

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