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I just found out about Sharon Jones... Only to additionally find out she passed away last year. Ugh! She's great though


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Posted vid that isnt a damn car commercial
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Please avoid using phrases like "I saw the universe fold in on itself and do a twirl " It makes you sound like this guy:  

So, um...I released an album a while back, and some of the tracks are on youtube. I was kinda debating whether to share them or not, but then I figured - I mean, why put them on youtube if you don't s

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8 minutes ago, The NZA said:

so being a new bruno mars track, it's already all over the radio - but it's a fun throwback vibe, and i just caught the video...what a cool tribute to In Living Color!  check this out @Donutella




I think Bruno is one of the most talented current pop stars. Dude can SAAANG and he is a great dancer. This was really cool! Love the In Living Color tribute. They really nailed it!

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