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Ok, im gonna have to throw more stuff out here once in a while...Chief's right, this forum makes it look like there's no music worth mentioning outside of rock/classic rock/alternative etc (even the techno talk died down). I'm gonna try to toss some jazz shit in here when i can, hopefully i can get Jumbie to post about blues & such.

See, this started from Chief saying that this music corner has a certain eletism about it that wont touch the genres of rap or R&B (contemporary) at all, which i had a hard time arguing with. Now, the freestyle thread is going crazy, and im talking to more of you there & on AIM & such and finding out that a number of you actually have an interest in some rap, but dont know much about it, so I'm gonna do threads like this when i can. Ill start with the Wu, a group many of you have heard of but know little of.


The Wu-Tang Clan is a NY-based (like most good rap) group of about 10 members now, and admittedly its an acquired taste: the first time I heard them, I didnt quite take to them either....youve got 8 guys (at the time) with different styles taking turns on the mic, and youre prolly not going to like everyone of them except on their really good tracks. But when you really get into it, its some of the best shit out there - tired of hearing rappers talk about how hard they are, their ho's, their bentley's, etc? Check out the Clan, theyre rapping about their unbreakable Wu-Tang sword style, which comic character theyre most like (Meth is Johnny Blaze, i think RZA's Iron Man, hah), or just listen to rap with some intricate vocabulary to it at times.

It's a very strange dynamic...the Wu is made up of:

-The RZA - Their DJ basically, he rhymes a bit but most of the beats they use, even on solo albums, are his. He's something of the mastermind.

-Method Man - The most famous solo member, and for a resaon. At least 2 solo albums that i know of, with "Tical", his first one, being really good.

-The Genius/GZA - His style take some getting used to, I really took to him from "Clan in the Front", he's most known for his solo effort "Liquid Swords" which im still trying to check out years later...

-Ol Dirty Bastard - Yeah, when he's not in jail, he's a fuckin trip. Hard to take him seriously, but his solo joint "Retrun to the 36 Chambers" was surprisingly good, up there with Meth's efforts. His shit really stands out with the group, you should hear his cover of "Sususudio", hah...I knew i liked this guy since "Shame on a nigga".

-Ghostface Killah - Gets a lotta love for consistent solo efforts. when he's on, he's one of the greats.

-Raekwon the Chef - Another big vocalist, big singles include "Criminology", he's up there with Meth for crazy use of vocabulary.

-Inspectah Deck/The Rebel INS - One of the lesser knowns, but holds his own during group tracks. I really love his shit in tracks like "Wu-Tang Clain aint nothin to fuck with"

-U-God - I know little about this guy except that his kid got shot a year back or so, that sucked.


They inducted 2 new members a while back - Masta Killa and Cappadonna, they fair well in some group tracks, but when everyone's in top form like in "Triumph" i think its obvious these guys need experience, might just be me, i should prolly listen to more of their stuff.

Desipte all these members, they claim no offical leader. It's great too, theyre the only group i can think of with so much talent, almost every one of them does a solo album, slaps the Wu logo on it & has some of the Clan help out, it sells well and then they come back & do another group album...its a really interesting dynamic.

Their first album, Enter the 36 Chambers, is signficant for a number of reasons, aside from showing the strenghts of east coast rap: much like "Straight outta Compton" by NWA or Dr. Dre's "The Chronic" (or some of Public Enemy's efforts), the Wu's debut heavily changed the face and sound of rap, heavily influencing both solo and group efforts since its release.

Still, it didnt get radio play outside of some underground stations with its hit single "C.R.E.A.M. (Cash Rules Everything Around Me)", but quickly gained a huge amount of street credit - try reading their shout-outs page in the album cover, i think no one challenges them cause everyone's prolly around down with them anyway. Despite some mainstream sucess, including a video game, some short movies and even Wu Wear, their own line of clothing, they havent lost any of this credit, it seems.

Some of their trademark moves (aside from interesting sound effects when they have to censor themselves, like the sound of katanas battling) having some of the coolest rap videos out there - take a look at "Triumph" or "Da Mystery of Chessboxin'", theyre some of the greats.

Their followup album, Wu-Tang Forever, went the way of many double albums - it had some good tracks, but pound for pound couldnt hold up to its predessesor. I havnet heard much of The W yet but look forward to it when Ive the hard drive space to try it out.

If interested, recommended group tracks include "Triumph" , "Protect Ya Neck", "Chessboxin' ", "Wu-Tang Clan aint nothin to fuck with", "Can it be all so simple", etc...as for solos, most people like Method Man's "Bring the Pain", "Judgement Day", and "All I need" with Mary J. Blige - Meth has duo'd with almost everyone out there, but mostly with Redman.

I could go on & on bout how cool these guys are but ive done enough of that, let's see what everyone thinks...





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Other good solo singles - Raekwon, Ghostface & GZA - "Glaceirs of Ice", Meth & Redman's "How High", Meth's "Even If"...too many to name.

Chief, anyone else - can anyone recommend any tracks off "The W"? Since I moved I havnet heard anything about that one, sadly...I hear Redman, NaS, Busta Rhymes & even Isaac Hayes helped out on it, cant be bad...

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See, this started from Chief saying that this music corner has a certain eletism about it that wont touch the genres of rap or R&B (contemporary) at all, which i had a hard time arguing with.

Musically elitism? I just don't know much about rap and hip-hop. I hasn't done much for me and I never got into it. What am I supposed to do, create thread and post about shit I don't know about?


"I've been hearing alot about this thing the kids are calling 'rap' music. Supposedly it's sweeping the nation. It might be the next big thing. Anyone else heard about this 'rap' music, alos know ans bip-bop or something."


Is this the kinda shit us hip-hop-non-familiars should be posting?


I could start a thread on Sage Francis. I love him, he's hip-hop, kinda. More like a poetry slam poet to great hip-hop beats and jazz melodies. I'll get around to posting about him later.

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Jesus christ you loser, you cant even talk about rap on a fucking Wu thread; by all means, if you dont know about it, actually read beyond the first line, give it a go, then come on back when you've something to say. There was nothing in there that said "Jax" or demaned your reply. You dont see me replying to Alice in Chains with "wow i dont really know bout this" do you? I asked to try soemthing knew and talk about it.


I just found out Masta Killa & Coppadonna have solo albums, havta look into those & give them a shot.


"fuck the billboards, I'm the shit on my block,

how dope are you paing for your billboard spot?"


And anyone who's heard the 36 Chambers has to know:


"Raw, I'ma give it to ya,

with no trivia,

more like cocaine straight from bolivia..."

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Meth said something about Buddha Monk being in, me & Ario usually figure Redman has an honorary menbership, god knows he tours with a few of them plenty.

Did i ever tell you bout the Hard Knock Tour with Meth, Redman, Busta Rhymes, Jay-Z & DMX? Holy shit was that good but Meth was the highlight. I was really sad when i heard the Wu/Rage tour was broken up back then, was really hoping to see that one.

The Mobb Deep guys, really? What tracks have they done together?

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I dont' know... but they keep mentioning Killer Bees on their tracks.


Anyhow. Either together or on solo projects, you can expect good things from these guys. Their raps are not about $$ or cars or livin' the big life... there's alot of comedy, fury, poetry, and fun in their music. Method Man's signed to Def Jam w/ Redman, the best label in hip-hop bar none... Ol' Dirty Bastard's albums both did well... GZA's first album had a good single, but I didnt' follow his career that much.

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Raekwon's "Only built 4 Cuban Links" did well, i liked a few tracks offa that one.

Didnt follow ODB's 2nd album too much but damn, his first one, almost every track was good: Brooklyn Zoo, Shimmy Shimmy Ya, Baby c'mon, Snakes, Cuttin Headz (with RZA, thats a great hand-off one we should do in the freestyle thread if you ever get that one), etc, even Dirty Dancing, this short freestyle he had there.

I thought it was funny he did 2 albums and then a "greatest hits" one, hah...but yeah Chief's got it, much of their strength comes in that theyre not limited in their material, lotta funny shit, but some poetry makes it in thre as well... "Can it be that it was all so simple" makes me kinda sad.

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"...my hip-hop will rock and shock the nation, like the emancipation proclimation..."


All I have from Wu tang is enter the 36 chambers, but that's one of the best cds I own, period, rap or otherwise. Other than the obvious lyrical insanity coming from the members, I think the whole cd flows together really nicely, I love the Rza's style with small piano bits looping over most of the beats, gives the cd a sort of feel to it. Other than 36 chambers I have Tical from method man, and that one's great too, I'm looking into getting more of the solo efforts and stuff, wonder how their recent cds are fairing?

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Junker - Im going to download the 3rd one The W soon as i have room to do so, ill recommend the good ones off it. If you see ODB's first album "Return to the 36 Chambers", get it, most of the crew's in there somewhere and again its surprisngly good.

Post-36 chambers...make sure you have "Triumph" and Meth's "Even If" in the meantime when youve a chance, both classics. Also, his one with Blackstreet, "Breakups to makeups" was good, so was the one with D'Angelo "Left & Right"..."What the beat" with Eminem was alright...Chiefy can maybe hype some more singles later on.


"Even if I died a thousand deaths,

when I ressurect, I'll still be Meth

the jams'll still be def

I'm here, me and this mic-phone here

and ain't tryna hear nothing cause we had it up to here

lyrics have no dress code,

from KRS to depeche mode -

Kid, I'm so cool you catch colds..."

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Haha...that was outta left field....

Yeah, he's gettin a ton of radio play all over the states im told. "In da club" is all over the place, I havnet heard enough of him to say anything really, but I wonder if he'll keep his street credit, doing remixes with Justin Timerlake & such...funny how things go, Dre signs Eminem, then down the road Em signs 50 cent..


Uhm, on a related note, Im listening to some of the GZA/Genius's "Liquid Swords" stuff, not bad but not as strong as Meth or ODB's solo ones so far. These guys also do some great work for soundtrack cuts, ones that dont always get put on an album...there was this one Inspectah Deck one i really liked, see if i can find it.

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That's cool, ill have to listen to more of his stuff then.


ODB...haha...reminds me of Chris Rock:


"You know, the Ol Dirty Bastard couldnt possibly have possibly committed all those crimes.

Coolio did some of that shit."


Ok, the GZA's "Duel of the Iron Mic" with ODB, Masta Killa & Inspectah Deck was good. Im downloading most of "Iron Flags" and "The W" now..ill be back with recommendations.

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okay, so i don't know much about rap, and haven't given it much of a get go, though i do have a few bands/faces/groups (what do you call them in rap?) that i like in rap. like i do like that 50 cents guy, he's pretty cool. but as far as wutang goes, my older brothers were huge fans of them, and honestly, the only song i know is the one with all the killer bees in that long winded video. plus, are they some constantly changing band or what?! they seriously have hella people in their band. oh wait, who were those two guys in that movie about harvard or something? i know they are in that band.


ps- why do they all have gold teeth?

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Whoah..hah. I have no idea what you just said. Ill give it a go tho.


1) Yeah they have many people in there band. Nah, i woudlnt say theyre constantly changing, but theyre one of the more original groups out there so theyve got a lot more to work with. Members come & go for certain albums, make cameos on each other's solo works but beyond that not too much changing.

2) I think the video youre thinking of ("long winded", killer bees all over) was Triumph, i love that video, one of my favorites.

3) Im not sure which movie you meant. I know Method Man & Redman have been in a few, ill have to look into that.

4) Haha..someone else caught the gold teeth thing. You know, it was this odd trend for a bit in NY too, few freinds i knew in miami got into it...makes your grill look hard i figure. ODB & Meth were some of the first guys i saw doing it, and then a lotta people followed suit...just part of their look.

5) Theyre still called artists/rappers/bands etc, Wu is a Clan cause their name comes from old school hong kong kung fu flicks about the Wu Tang sword and such.


Speaking of the Triumph video - Chief watch it when you get a chance; "Golden Arms"...is that U-god?

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hah.... sorry about that... sometimes i think out loud and don't ever realize how random my thoughts are, but you already know that. sorry for sounding like such a dumbass when asking questions, but there was no other approach... and method man and redman were the dudes i was talking about... i think they were in a few commercials too a while back, if i recall correctly.


maybe it's just me, but decorating your teeth doesn't make you look at all attractive. it's retarded looking really. if they really wanted to make their grill look nice, they would bleach that shit, but oh well... don't think much rappers are hot anyways... oh but that eminem, very very fuckable...nas too.

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Haha...holy shit you people are begging for this thread to see Tangent Man.

Yeah, its been said that its not an attracitve thing, theyve commented on it, fortunately theyre not very concerned with that - funny, ive known a few chicks who wanted to boink Meth, but never Nas, thats cool tho.

If i was trying to introude someone to rap, or good rap anyway, i actually wouldnt use Wu - i consider it to be pretty advanced in that regard, id save them (as well as Nas) for later, start them off with more approachable stuff like B.I.G. or even Jay-Z. Actually, Method Man's solo stuff is pretty easy to get into as well..people who dont think they like rap seem to like "Judgement Day", give that one a go sometime if you have a chance.

PS Birdy you got me thinkin - you know how i was all on you bout the emo eletism thing? Yeah, i kinda do that with this scene...i dont rank on those who've only heard em's radio stuff and some Nelly, but holy shit, if i heard a car out here playin Wu, Nas, Tribe etc id offer to take the guy to lunch or somethin.


Chief - "Chamber music"'s good, the Redman & Nas ones off the latest Wu arent bad, gotta listen to em more. Im tryin to get this one "Conditioner", its supposed to be ODB with Snoop (?), ill let ya know.


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i've been given the chance to listen to some nas, not much, but from what i've hear thus far, i kinda like. the guy's got some skill, and his voice is tolerable. if anything i hate that type of voice that is ODB or anything along those lines... it really annoys me.


i once told someone that nas was hot, and they wanted to kick my ass cause they didn't find me sane, but it's okay.

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Yeah, ODB's not for everyone, his style's ugly but he's got some cool shit....last one i really liked was "Baby I got your money"...that was funny as hell.

Nas is cool as fuck, seriously..his stuff can get spiritual at times, few people come close to him in that regard. His first album, Illmatic, was somewhere around the time of 36 chambers I wanna say; i seriously think that year or so was one of the genre's highlights. I really need to get his last album sometime too...did you guys hear "One Mic" over there much? Fuck, i should start a Nas thread sometime too.

Anyway, back to the Wu, I know Meth & Redman have done a few movies, havnet managed to catch any yet sadly...was looking for "Month of the Man" back in the days of Cutler Ridge but nobody was showin it over there.

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nas- it was written is the only cd that i've heard, kinda old i know, but it was my older bros. that's the only source i really have to rap music, cause i don't dabble much in that area.


on a totally unrelated note... im looking at his cd's and this bitch has got 18 tupack cds... yes nick, tupack... he took my fucking bob marley cd.. i was looking for that shit!


yeah i've heard that one mic song, it was all over the place.


i forgot the name of that movie that they were in together, but it was funny as hell... they got into harvard and shit and yeah, kinda lame plot but funny nonetheless...

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When i was little

My father was famous

he was the greatest samurai in the empire

& he was the shoguns decapetator

he cut off the heads of a hundred n 31 lords

it was a bad time for the empire

the shogun just stayed inside his castle and he never came out

people said his brain was infected by devils

my father would come home

he would forget about the killings

he wasnt scared of the shogun but the shogun was scared of him

maybe that was the problem?

then one night


the shogun sent his ninja spies to our house

they were supposed to kill my father but they didnt

::woman screaming::




GZA was freakin awsome in Liquid Swords

by far this was the best album !!!

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Shit, which track was that Fuentes? That one sounded good too...

Ok, so "Ya'll been warned", "Protect Ya Neck II: The Jump off" and "Chamber music" sound pretty good, ill let ya'll know bout the rest of the album as i get it...


oh, and i know its played, but i still say some of my favorite Wu lyrics come from "Triumph"..


I bomb atomically

Socrates philosophies and highpothesies

cant define how i be droppin these

mockeries, lyrically peform armed robbery

flee with the lottery, possibly they spotted me

a Battle-scarred shogun, explosion when my pen hits

tremendous, ultra-violet shine blind forensics

I inspect view through the future, see millenium

Killa Beez sold fifty gold, sixty platinum

Shackling the masses with drastic rap tactics

Graphic displays melt the steel like blacksmiths

Black Wu jackets Queen Bees ease the guns in

Rumblin patrolmen tear gas laced the function

Heads by the score, take flight, incite a war

Chicks hit the floor, diehard fans demand more

Behold the bold soldier, control the globe slowly

Proceeds to blow swingin swords like Shinobi

Stomp grounds I pound footprints in solid rock

Wu got it locked, performin live on your hottest block


fuckin hell, that whole verse was raw! Inspectah Deck no less, im really likin that guy. Oh, and the GZA's verse there was short but also one of my favorites:


War of the masses, the outcome, disasterous

Many of the victim family save they ashes

A million names on walls, engraved in plaques

Those who went back, received penalties for their acts

Another heart is torn, as close ones gone

Those who stray, niggas get slayed on the song


That plus that great video they had for it...damn that was cool.

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