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Did someone go 30 years in the future and get my mugshot? :weep:

Yes I know that's an old pic of me and I look nothing like that anymore

Holy shnikes! That very well could be future you. Whoa. Wait. What if it is future you? What if future ASC came backin time to give us all an important message. A message so crucial he had to have it tattooed to his head!?!?


You've also got a bit of an Obi-Ewan look going on there as well...



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Mr. Hakujin played by Andrew Lee Potts



Really? Thanks; I don't see it, but I'll take it. It's a damn sight better than Zack Galifinakis. :sad:



I still say you're more of an Ewan McGregor than Zack Glaifinakis, ASC.

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Life & Caterpillar, send me pics via messenger or direct me to ones that are posted on Hondo's and I will try to cast you...sometimes it takes just a moment, other times it has taken me years, literally...


I will definitely try my best!

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I remember way back in the day we had a Hondos Movie casting thread (which got deleted in the Great Purge of Oh Three?) were people posted on who would play them in a Hondos movie. It was fun and people were cast and everyone got a great laugh and whatnot. UNTIL Aarty got in there and went fuckin' crazy casting folks... and man was she spot on! The thread was resurrected a couple times (I think 3?), but never to the glory of the original. UNTIL NOW!! That's right, this is Aarty's very own thread to cast away with! You know... with current Hondonians. So Benny, get your girl on here and have her get to her womanly duties... OF CASTING THE ENTIRETY OF HONDOS!


Everyone can post stuff, too, but Aarty is who I'll be waiting for...


Here's two that I remember:


Jon B as Panch



Ajay Naidu from Office Space as Aadil



Work your magic, Di!

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IT'S STILL ALIVE? But half the pictures don't work. Well whatever. Could this be merged so as to not cause confusion (I obviously thought that thread was gone). Also, sorry to Chief. He was the one with the Aadil cast not Aarty.

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