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I already had cast Parminder Nagra as Heartlessbitch a while back. But you don't look like her, caue not all indianiods look the same.


I find it amusing that dante was cast as Clive Owen and Mickey Rourke, caus ethey were both in SIN City and didn't look very similiar in that.

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KoS...so sorry it took me this long...

Gabriel Mann


Give me time and I will add more...yes, I have actually been thinking about this...

Damn, no comments from KoS...

Sorry it took me so long too. Pretty good choice from that pic, don't really know the actor too well. I know he's in the Bourne movies, that's about it...

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I was watching the movie and I was like...DAMN, THAT LOOKS LIKE KOS!!! Hunny looked at me weirdly as I ran to the computer to look the guy up on www.imdb.com


Oppai, like I told Dinghy...give me time...


Sarah, what's wrong w/ Kylie??? Don't worry, I have found someone for you...


MisSarah played by Emily Proctor


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