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Big week!


House of M # 6 - I just fucking love this book, i dunno, this kinda event's been done before but not from this angle, or showing the impact it has on the characters....

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. I hope this one ends as well as its going, cause its my favorite Magnus story so far.


Captain America # 9 - Man, props to Brubaker for makin me care about characters i never thought i would...the other month's "Lonely life of Nomad" was awesome.


100 Bullets # 63 - Another issue of things coming together...this arc wasnt as cool as "Wylie runs the voodoo down", but then again, this entire book works better for me in trade.

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Ex Machina # 14 - Good ending for a short arc, Vaughan's becoming the master of red herrings. Im dyin to see the plot move along, but just like Y, he gives you enough to keep comin back, and even the slow stuff is good.


Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #17 - Each month, i think i know less and less about what's going on in this book. Im just glad i dont pay for it.


Supreme Power # 18 - Ah, Strazinski's pulling some of his Rising Stars type stuff here....having left MAX hasnt pulled this book down for me at all, now that im looking at it. I wonder how long he intends to keep this series going? It always feels like it could end in its current arc.


Supreme Power: Nighthawk # 1 - Also good, but im prolly biased cause pencils are by Steve Dillon.


Ultimate Spider-Man # 82 - This is feeling like some old "War of the Roses" Amazing Spidey crime stuff, and its good. Working with the police a bit and all...its good to be enjoying this book again.

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Young Avengers # 6 - A good closing issue, leaves a lotta things wide open. Still, im haivng a hard time distinguishing it from a superhero version of Runaways lately...


Wha Huh? # 1 - Marvel parody with Bendis, Mahfood & Millar...was fun, coulda been better (lotta Bendis message board jokes), but seeing :yup: vs Reggie alone was worth it.

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So it looks like with :misty: gone I'm your conduit for fanboy books again since Mr Custer here's too fine a con-a-seeewer to read the regular Marvel trash.


Ultimate FF #22: Part 2 of Crossover. They're sneaky lil' mofos... Had us all thinking Ultimate U was crossing over with regular continuity. Anyways, Reed finds an unlikely ally in a Universe lorded over by George Romero, and the Ultimate U looks like it's about to get proper fucked.


Ultimate Spiderman 83: Nick! Still hasn't! In fact, this time he ran away like a little grrl, so it could be Ultimate Parker's either fussier than Heff, or looking for some Ultimate man-sausage.


Young Avengers #6: Wraps up the whole Kang: past & Future thing. And now that everyone knows who everyone is, I dunno what reason there is to stick around, but, we'll see.


Y: The Last Man #38: Beginning of a new arc as Yorick arrives in Oz but only has 24 hours to look for Beth. Also we meet another chick fixin' to mess with 'Rick's mojo.


Fantastic Four HoM #3: :x: Doom, Sapien monarch of Latveria tries to fuck up Magneto in a reality created by Mags' crazy-hot daughter. You guess how it ends.


House of M #6: Yeah... Feels like it's losing steam, but the characters are tip-top. At least we're finally seeing some action.

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New Avengers #10: So Bendis achieves the seeming-impossible & (the easy part) messes up The Sentry's origin even further(I still say shoulda left well enough alone, especially with John Romita Jr art), and then actually made it make sense. I now understand the whole dealy with the Sentry. Totally ready to not be remotely interested in an essentially ballast character with bad fucking pencils. Heh.


Ultimates 2 #8: The traitor is revealed, leaving more questions than answers, most popular being "What the Fuck?!" But obviously there's more to it. S'gotta be resolved in the next four issues tho, no dirty Scotsman's runnin' my boy through the mud.

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Big week or two...


Wolverine # 32 - Shit, Millar went out with a bang...i liked this one more than his whole run.

An Eisner-influenced WW II holocaust tale....SB, you seen this one?

# 33 set off some interesting events, but its all in the House of M - im interested in seeing what Daniel Way has in mind for Decimation.


Amazing Spidey # 524 - The big event is starting right here. Its gonna be the first big crossover in years (like 12 issues), and i believe Strazinsky when he says itll change Peter forever.

Here's hoping its as exciting as spider-clones.


Black Panther # 8 - Eh, im not enjoying the current direction of this book as much...but antying's better than the last month's issue.

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Daredevil # 77 - The Murdock Papers is really shaping to be the pentultimate arc of Bendis & Maleev's run...this is prolly the best of the week, because its like shit hitting the fan at unheard of speeds.

Everyone should be readin this.


Fantastic Four: House of M #, uh, 1-3: Prolly the most fun spinoff book of the event, especially if youre a Doom fan.


Metal Gear Solid # 0 - Good sourcebook.


New Avengers # 11 - Nice! Bendis introduces his first brand new character...hints at who he might be, but keeps you guessing. All this, fresh off of tying up The Sentry arc, in a cool but very Miracle Man-ish manner.


Punisher # 25 - Feds are cracking down on Frank, but this time they seem serious & motivated. Im interested in where Ennis is takin this, since Frank wont kill them....thank god there's still a MAX imprint. This is Ennis' best stuff in a while, i think.


PvP # 19 - Fun Luna brothers cover...this is a really solid book, for fans of the webcomic. Less fanboy jokes this time around, tho.


Spawn # 149 - Yup, i read it, just to see if # 150'd be big...no, the book is no different or better than you recall it being 100 issues ago.


Serenity # 1-3 - This was fun...i see what Jax was bitching about with the kanji characters, but seriously, if i cant get a series out of this franchise, id really love to see a regular book, written by Wheedon.


Mutopia # 1-something - 'Nother House of M, says is supposed to be an important book, i havent seen why yet.


Spider-Man: House of M # 1-4 - A....very different take. Last issue was good, but im less interested in where its going as :howyoudoin: might be.

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Authority: The Magnificent Kevin # 1&2 - Fun, and building on Ennis' previous one-shots, but can he really keep this going for a whole mini?


The Sentry # 1 - His chracter has really turned into what his name means. Jenkins is still writing it (as he originally did), but his vision seems way different....seemed like a good stand-alone, we'll see how the series goes.


The Tick: Days of Drama # 1 - Funnier than its been since...Edlund wrote it. So far.


Thor: Blood Oath # 1 - Here's that artist SB doesnt like the inks on....decent book so far, but, isnt Thor dead...?


Ultimate Fantastic Four # 23 - Heh...marvel zombies. I cant believe this guys are gettin their own series...well played, Millar.


Ultimate Spider-Man # 83 - This book's good again! And shit, there's more action in that last splash than ive seen Bagley do in a while.


Y: The Last Man # 37 - The aussie arc of finding Beth is finally goin somewhere....there's gonna be reprucussions of that last page.

Still one of Vertigo's best books month-to-month.


Comin up: Rex Mundi, Young Avengesrs, Runaways, Ultimate Iron Man, Ultimate Secret, and uh...NYX made it out...?

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Wolverine # 34 - more fun in the House of M, this time with Logan serving a discriminated Fury....again, im enjoyin this arc, but im waiting for Decimation and Daniel Way's promised "year-long search".


Hellblazer # 2 hundred something - ...ouch. This arc saw John in hell again, and some of his family dont survive the trip....shit's eventful.


Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man # 1 - David kicks off "The Other", ill post more thougths on that in that thread.


House of M # 7 - All new brands of feces hit the fan! This issue's all-out war, and the ending - jesus, what's Bendis saving for the finale of # 8?


more to come....

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Marvel Knights: Spider-Man # 19 - "The Other" part 2...this one was all over the place, its like the Marvel U never really made up their mind how to portray MJ.

But the last few pages were intense, added some new character to Peter....shit came outta nowhere, reallly made for a good issue. Cap'n has to see it.


Saw: Rebirth # 1 - Interestin, i guess i should see the movie.


Ultimate Spider-Man # 84 - night of a thousand super-heroes...big fight here, was pretty funny shit tho. Bendis is back to enjoying himself on this title.

...personally? im gettin really sick of Elektra being the biggest badass in the Marvel U tho.


Ultimate Fantastic Four # 24 - The tomb of Namor # 1...surprised they put this arc off this long, but Greg Land's pencils are workin for this title so far, i think. That last arc hasnt been resolved yet, and im eager to see how it goes down.

Props again to Millar for making me give a fuck about this book


Runaways # 9 - I thought the last issue was a bit slow, but this one is picking the pace back up, as far as characterizatoin & just me overall enjoying the book goes. The team goes east!


Grimm Fairly Tales # 1 - Ive already forgotten how this one ended. That should about do it.

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super-happy-2-week-catchup-review-time...its a good time to be a marvel zombie.


Young Avengers # 8 - Well, cap'n might not like the direction of this arc, but im enjoying it..makes me wish idve read more of The Crew and Priest's works, about this kid.


The Authority: Magnificent Kev (3 of 5) - a surprisingly fun special-ops SAS issue, classic Ennis...works even as a stand-alone issue, i think.


100 Bullets # 65 - Hah...another harsh issue, featuring the return of the monstorous...

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Last issue was fun, too.. "passive...aggressive...pussy."


Fell # 2 - cant recall if i reviewd this one...? Cant really call it "tying up an arc" this early on, but it got me in more than 1 did, i definitely wanna see more on this one.

Ellis fans should keep an eye on it, its gettin much love from the critics, and i dare say Templesmith's pencils are actually workin here.


Girls # 6 - Still not as fun as their last book, but the Luna brothers offically have a horror book goin now.


House of M # 8 - ...shit, some great scenes here. This book, it wasnt the action-packed summer blockbuster some expected, but it was a great series, and was an excellent springboard for ideas for the Marvel U to get shaken up; specifically, the X-universe, tho there's reprocussions all over. If you havnet read this series, get on it soon.


here's to hopin Cleremont & co dont fuck up what's started here...i cant wait for Decimation.


Captain America # 11 - thanks again to Cap'n for gettin me to read this one; "Winter Soldier" is the most fun ive had with this title since Mark Waid wrote it.

All is revealed this issue...and it sets up for a really awesome 12.


Daredevil # 78 - The Murdock Papers continues...just when you think it couldnt get any bigger, you get Bendis on the last page here....please, please tell me some other people are reading this, because seeing 5 years of work culminate in this arc, its just...its an amazing time to be a DD fan.


Ex Machina # 15 - A bit of Thousand's family past....again, Vaughan's nailng the characterization, but teasin me with the big plot, here.


Black Panther # 9 - Eh...not bad, but i might be dropping this title soon if it doesnt pick up. I keep hearing Joe Q talk about big shit going down in ths book, but im not seein it, and im not digging JR JR's pencils here either.


The Sentry # 2 - Alright, now this book has more direction than part 1 did, and im startin to see where Jenkins is taking this.

The only problem with it, though, is that it still reminds me far too much of Miracle Man.


Hellblazer # 212 - a bit late on this review, but "Down in the ground where the dead men go" was the best arc ive seen on this title for a while. For Constantine fans...big shit went down here;

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House of M: Mutopia # 4 - Eh, i was told this book was gonna be something more than it was. If youre gonna read a side book of this even, read the FF one, Doom was at least fun.


The Walking Dead # 22 - I'm tired of just coming back to this thread and saying "this month's issue was awesome", so ill just keep cutting & pasting this line till i see a bad issue.


Spawn # 150 - Yeah, big issue, some direction, i think, but....this book really shouldve stopped at least 75 issues ago. Anyway, this new artist guy (not Capullo anymore) is good, and that's all a book like this needs.


Loveless # 1 - Eh...Azarello can do better. I want a vertigo western, but between Weird Western Tales and El Diablo, theyve done way bettter. ima ride it out for its first arc, at least.


New Avengers # 12 - A fun, action-packed issue, picking up a loose plotline from way earlier in the series....

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Ultimate Secret # 4 - More fun with Kree & such, but im glad this chapter's over, i want the last part of it to really deliver...Ennis set this up as a horror, and im still waiting on that.


Wolverine # 35 - Explains a bit about this odd little House of M arc, but really insignificant, since im just waiting to see the next issue start Logan's big 1-year fallout from the event itself...im hyped.


Ultimate Spider-Man # 85 - The fallout of last issue's royal rumble....another fun issue, i really enjoyed this arc.

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Punisher # 27 - This "Slayers" is turning into yet another strong Ennis arc on this book....this thing shoudlve gone MAX a long time ago. I do intend to get this seires in trade, one day....he's taking the plot in all kinds of directions: brand new, while at the same time revisiting & further exploring old ones, like having the police force come gunning for Frank.


Where the fuck are: Invincible, Secret War, and Iron Man?


Back to getting caught up on Gotham Central, now that Ive all but finished off Deadpool and Agent X...

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100 Bullets # 69 - This is cool, this current arc has minuteman vs minuteman, while flashing back to how Graves got the power he did...feels like its gearin up for somethin next. Im really thinkin this series, like many vertigo greats, needs to be read in TPB format.


Hellblazer # 215 - This new writer is one issue in, and im intrigued. Carey had a helluva run (Constantine lost a family member in the last arc), but you can feel it going back towards the horror part of the book again.


Infinite Crisis # 4 - DC's got shit hittin the fan on multiple levels.

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Cant wait to see what they got in mind for an ending...cool shit, just more convoluted and widespread than ive read since the 90's.


Nextwave # 1 - Book of the week, read the thread i made bout it.

Supreme Power: Nighthawk # 6 - Cool finale....i think this book served as a prequel. Some dark shit, was a good read, between this, Bullseye, DD vs Bullseye etc, Daniel Way + Dillon is a great team.


Punisher # 30 - "Slayers" ends out, and its the best arc of this volume since "Mother Russia". I intend to get this on in TPB.


Ultimate X-Men # 67 - Sabretooth drops a bomb in this one! Shit hasnt been this big with him and :wolvy: since when Silvestri drew Wolv. vol 1....Kirkman, youre the fucking man.


Ultimate Extinction # 2 - Fury makes last-ditch efforts to prepare for Gah-Lak-Tus, but it seems really futile after Reed oultined what he could do in # 1, and this issue, you get to see what he's really made of... :howyoudoin:


Y: The Last Man # 42 - Monkey origins, really cool how amerpsand comes in to play here...look, if youre not reading this title, the fuck is wrong with you? Go get the trades.


Best shit lately: X-Men Deadly Genesis, Gotham Central ending, Fell, Captain America: Winter Soldier's end, The New Aveners # 15, and The Pulse

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Girls, on the other hand...i wish the Luna bros would go back to Ultra.
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Now that i'm back in the biz, I'll be back in here too. Nick's pretty much covered everything I've read except


Captain America #13: Not sure if I've read 12, but this ish wraps up the Winter Soldier arc. Kind've rushed if you ask me, and the ending's just... Well, i'ma just say this issue ruined all the good work Brubaker did setting this up.

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I'm sorry but really, this book is the equivalent of wining & dining an awesome, virgin hottie, like, some kind of beautiful never seen before, the most unlikely score ever, and when you get it, blow your wad in less than 10 seconds. That's exactly how I feel about this book right fuckin' now. Props to Apanchalypse for siccin' me onto it though.


And Ultimate X-men? Nick you weren't whistlin' Dixie mate.

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Man, youre harsh on Brubaker...i thought the ending went about as well as it was gonna, and that twist youre mentiong...granted, i kinda forgot about it, but it didnt fuck the whole thing up for me.

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If you dug the Winter Soldier as much as i did, you should check out this month's issue of Wolverine.

More reviews later, i just got this week's books. New Ex Machina, Infinite Crisis, Nextwave, Y, and even Ultimates!

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One I forgot.


Astonishing X-Men #13: Whedon & Cassidy are back & hitting the ground running with Emma Frost taking the fore as her dangling thread from the last arc comes to fruition, Kitty Pryde all nuerotic & chatty thinky(when's she not), Wolvy carving up kids(uh huh) & Summers being himself. It's already looking like my new favourite again already.


P.S- Nick, keep me posted on the next arc of DD until I finish The Murdoch Papers.

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so much good shit this week.


DMZ - read the thread.


Ex Machina # 18 - "March to War" chapter 2 - Vaughan's shot back to 2003, and this one's looking at America's entrance to the Iraqi war, specifically, how NY reacted....this man's writing his ass off these days. Again, refer to the thread on this book, but if youre into Watchmen-type shit, seeing a superhero try to hang up his cape and play mayor of NY, youre gonna love this.


Fantastic Four # 535 - i didnt get to finish this one, but here's the gist of it: Strazinki has HRS take the reed's kids away for endangerment, and the Hulk is about to fight The Thing. This book is suprisingly readable.


Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man # 5 - This is one of those stand-alone Peter David issues that Panch might dig, not sure - its about a web-blogging chick who thinks Spider-Man is stalking her, cause she's crazy. Its like a watered-down Tangled Web, and makes me miss that series.


Infinite Crisis # 5 - Alright, im enjoying this, i wont lie, but its a guilty pleasure. DC is falling apart at the seems of its own crowded continuity, and the idea theyre playing at hiere - earth 2, reprucssions of Crisis on Infinite Earths - its making ideas i thought somewhat lame into something cooler here, and im enjoying it a bit for not knoiwng DC canon in & out, but honestly? if you found yourself explainign to another person what this was about, out loud, youd have to stop.

"right! so after wonder woman's amazon island is attacked by robots that came out of batman's rogue sattelite, there's the alien civil war, time is kinda eating itself, powergirl is from earth 2 somehow, and pre-crisis superboy is...holy shit, i need to go look at titties."


Metal Gear Solid - Sons of Liberty # 4 - Im still not liking Ashely Wood as the artist, cause its one of those ill-wait-till-this-action-scene's-done-to-know-what-happend, and the book's taking very slightly divergences from the game (enough to keep me reading) but ill be honest, this is one of my favorite games of all time, so i cant honestly recommend this to anyone else: if you played the game, you know the plot; if you didnt, go play it, cause reading it the first time through's gotta feel like watching someone else play it.


Nextwave # 2 - The finale with Fing Fang Foom in purple pants - again, this book is fun, nothing more than that. If youre like me, youre suspecting this Father Blood Drench Robo Crush is up to no good. Ellis + Immomen is really working for me here, since Marvel's down to very few comedy books (pretty much just this and She-Hulk far as i know, since Captain Marvel and Deadpool are gone...)


The Ultimates # 10 (Best of the week!!) - "Axis of Evil"....did you people know this book came out? Anyway, see how the crazy shit at the end of # 9 happened - who the fuck were all those supervillians, and where they came from? Also, Tony Stark is the fucking man, Chief must see this.


» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «


Y: The Last Man # - "Kimono Dragons, part 1" - Yorrick & 355 are in Japan, hot on Ampersand's trail, while Dr. Mann goes to find her family...this arc is hinting at keys to the virus, so stay tuned. Quality as alwyas.


Punisher # 31 - Readin as we speak, hard to follow up "The Slavers"....dont know who this artist is, but im missing that Braithwait guy that draws Frank like he doenst even know how to smile.


Captain America # 15 - I'm gonna tell you right now, cause youre prolly on board to see what happens after "Winter Soldier" ends...Cap aint even in this one, just in flashbacks. I think its setting up a potential new villian, using an old one, and ive faith that Brubaker's taking this somewhere cool, but this issue's slow at the expense of that.


Hellblazer # 217 - Again, new writer is kinda getting the horror part of this book down, but i feel like i need the arc to finish to really say, its all about the payoff. I do miss Carey tho, his run was solid.


Incredible Hulk # 92 - "Planet Hulk" is balls-deep now, and i dont think the book's been this fun since Bruce Jones' first year fuck that, "Future Imperfect", for Hulk fightinhg shit that's big like him.


Punisher vs Bullseye - Way + Dillon again, its a good team....this book is the answer to those that miss the Marvel Knights Punisher, not just for the art...its action-packed, and has its dark moments, but then silly shit happens outta nowhere and youre reminded youre not in MAX territory.


Young Avengers # 10 - You know....ive only so much room for teen teams, and its not that this isnt a decent book, but the innovation is kinda dying down, and im honeslty not sure how much further im stickin with this book. Were on Suepr Skrulls again, and its just not doin it for me.


Fury: Peacemaker # 1 - If Ultimates didnt take it, this'd prolly be my best of the week. Its Ennis and Robertson on Fury's early war days....this is the crew that brought us Born, telling Fury in a non-MAX WW II story; I adore Ennis' war stories (series was great) and Robertson's art as well, so this is a no-brainer for me. Having recently re-read Born though, i must say, there's a few scenes Ennis replays here, mostly about what kind of backup the company was supposed to have.


Sensational Spider-Man # 23 - fuck did this series come from...? Anyway, its like a book for new, unheard of creative teams, and it was only 1 issue and featured both Vulture and Lizard, but i didnt care for the writing or the art, m'self.


next up: Ghost Rider (i missed 5 somehow, and 6 is out...), Hellboy: The Island & Makoma, Rex Mundi, X-Statix presents Deadgirl, X-Men: The 198, Ultimate Iron Man # 5, Marvel Zombies # 4 and Books of Doom # 4.

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Captain America # 15 - I'm gonna tell you right now, cause youre prolly on board to see what happens after "Winter Soldier" ends...Cap aint even in this one, just in flashbacks. I think its setting up a potential new villian, using an old one, and ive faith that Brubaker's taking this somewhere cool, but this issue's slow at the expense of that.


Yeah. Faith. I'm not knocking Brubaker, he's an awesome writer, he's just had a couple of misses is all. Where's Panch weigh in on the ending to Winter Soldier?

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Underworld #1: Check this one out at all costs kids. There's lame Spiderman villians for Apanchalypse, hard-arsed writing boiled down & refined from the stylings of Rucka & azzarello for Jax, and big sweaty half-naked men wrestling for Nick. Jackie Dio used to work as muscle for Silvermane before he did 10 years in The Cage, and now he's trynna find his way back into the life.


Ultimate Wolverine Vs Hulk #1 & 2:First ish was kinda weak, yes we get it, Ultimate Fury & Logan are bath house buddies but #2 told us of Banner's travels since last seen in Ultimates2, and that in itself is well worth the price of admission. Every man & his dog's been trynna get me to watch Lost, thus far to no avail. But this writer's fuckin' brilliant, so it may just be worth the look-in.


Wolverine #37 & 38: Holy fuckin' dogshit this book is goin' off like gangbusters! If you've any inclination toward the scrappy little bastard, check this out. Winter Soldier makes a guest appearance in #38, and huh. The... The role he's played in Logan's past. It has to be seen to be believed(hell, I'm still not sure I beleive it.). Frank Tieri's really puttin' out some quality stuff right now, so check it out. Unlike that fuckin' Brubaker!!

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Tieri couldnt sell me on a dinner menu if i was starving. I read his run on :ok: vol 1 at the end, went from hit-and-miss revisiting Weapon X to just shit; the current writer on the book is Daniel Way, and he's doing good, but the solicits look like im gonna enjoy his 2nd upcoming book, Wolverine: Origins, a bit more, cause it sounds more like what im expecting from m'boy with his memories back.

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «


Hellboy: The Island & Makoma - both 2 parters, Makoma's not done yet but its good to see what Hellboy's been up too since he left B.P.R.D. - by the way, "Black Flame" was a good and eventful book, but its following the same line as Hellboy...those who want the lighthearted supernatural romps that were early Mignola shoudl revisit those books, because its getting darker and more serious lately. Im liking where its going, myself.


7 Days to Fame - 2 issues into this ongoing indy book about people committing suicide on reality tv shows, and its interesting...not enough to hype it, im not sure how long or where its going, but its got my interest.


American Virgin - premier of Vertigo's new ongoing....Seagle's gonna have to prove himself here as some writers do on this label. The premise is pretty simple - hardcore christian teen preaching abstinence, how long can he hold out, crazy hijinx and all - but then again, Y's premise sounds like a porn and its one of the best out right now. Let's hope its more like that and less like, say, Outlaw Nation...god, that was a waste. Stupd habit buying anything with Fabry covers...


Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis # 40 - alright, so im trying out a few of these "1 year later" DC relaunches post-crisis, as i did after Zero Hour, cause lets be honest: DC has iconic characters that, god help them, if they dont have superstars like Miller or Morisson writing them i just dont even try. But i love the ocean and good stories about it (fuck, i wanted to read more of that Marvel Tsunami: Namor book), so i gave this a go....its Arthur with amnesia again, which feels cliche, but ima give Busiek the benefit of the doubt for at least hte first arc.


Detective Comics # 817 - bats' "relaunch", and to those of you like bishop - who miss Bullock, Comissioner Gordon, the old status quo - check this out, cause theyre all back.

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «


Marvel: Civil War (wizard preview) - I like the premise, its a great and believable setup, for being superheroes anyway. I really enjoyed House of M, personally, but this looks to affect much more of Marvel continuity, and fuck the haters, becasue i like the entire idea of drawing lines here....its like Marvel being contemporary with the whole red vs blue thing here in the states, plus both sides (from this premise, anyway) seem to have a legit cause behind them - this event couldve happend anytime, and was bound to happen, to be honest, so the feds have to act...im so hyped now.


Fell # 4 - Another good crime drama by Ellis...why isnt anyone else reading this?


Ultimate Spidey # 90 - You know, this ultimate spider-grrl makes perfect sense on a number of levels, given that this chick would work great with peter, but it that wasnt interesting enough...Ultimate Deadpool!

Man, bendis & bagley are breaking records staying on this book this long, gotta wonder what's in store for # 100...


Supreme Power: Hyperion # 4 - More alternate realities....its still interesitng stuff, but i can see why marvel made the main book leave MAX..this one's still on it, and im not even sure why. Nighthawk or whatever was a better story than this, but it mightve been that i like Daniel Way with Steve Dillon.

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This one's on the run cause Lana wants the computer & I'm still reading. But here's what I got so far...


Ultimate X-Men #68: Date Night concludes & I'm disappointed. I dunno if it's just me but it seems to be happening a lot lately. There was a lot that coulda come out've this arc & I'm left feeling a little wanting

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Xmen # 183: Who the fuck reads this anymore?! I bet you're asking the same thing. However when Apocalypse is on the cover I simply cannae help myself. Since I haven't read this title in what? 3 years & have missed out on a lot've the back-lash of HoM, I'm somewhat out've the loop. Apocalypse has been reborn & is offering salvation to the mutants camped at Xavier Inc(or whatever it's called these days). Take a guess at which regular takes the devil's hand though. GUESS!

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Spectacular Spiderman #250: The return of Evil!! My retro pick of the week, it took a little tracking but I finally rebought the first comic I ever read(I've said before, I was a late bloomer). This is the official return of Norman Osbourn after classically being impaled in idunno... Panch? What issue was Norman impaled on his own glider? Anyways, J.M Dematteis at his finest. Check it out.

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New shit:


Amazing Spidey #530: Good shit! Pete and Tony... bestfriends! I love it! And the Civil War foreshadowing is awesome!


New Avengers #17: Book of the week! Awesome shit! Bendis is the FUCKING MAN!


Daredevil #83: HOLY SHIT! Spidey isn't the most fucked with character in the Marvel U anymore!


Wolverine #40: Good, but not great! I guess they're settin' up for that new Wolvie title...

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Daredevil # 83 (best of the week!) - i cant shut up about this book over here.


Amazing Spider-Man # 530 - Panch is right, this was prolly the single best issue of Spidey ive read in a while. Even more new powers (via the suit) for :eh: and theyre really cool, fun throwback shit in there, if even for a moment.


This is it, though: youre watching the lead-up to Civil War right here, and whenever Illuminat comes out. Much of this issue is Tony & Pete at a senate hearing, making some of the best arguments for & against masked vigilantes that ive seen come from Marvel. Again, this whole event has me excited, becuase you can see both sides of the argument, not to mention its about as based-in-reality as guys in tights are gonna get, and its the kind of thing you'dve expected to be done a while back, when you think about it.


But the point of it is, is this issue's great: Strazinski (sp) is all over this one, and its got his element of comedy, a reality he brings to the book, and action to boot (though not quite the car chase scene from last ish). I honestly dont think ive enjoyed JMS' spidey work this much since his first few arcs.


props again last month on explaining that stupid editing error about MJ's broken arm, that was a trip


100 Bullets # 70 - this is the most "you-need-to-read-this-in-trade" book out there right now. It reeks of clever one-liners and built history, but i find myself looking at last month's issue just to remember who Axel is, because the only names ive committed to memory are the Minutemen.

Regardless, Graves' potential war against the Trust looks to be beginnnig, so while i still expect 100 issues like everyone else, it feels like were finally moving towards what might be the finale.


Captain America # 16 - Eh...im just not big on the 2 villians theyre using here yet, and it feels like were playing with the scraps left from Winter Soldier. Still, there's something going on in this town Cap's stuck in with agent Carter, but this isnt shaping up to be one of the "I gotta have the trade" arcs.


Incredible Hulk # 92 - Again, the idea of Hulk as a gladiator is so simple, i figure ive seen it at least a dozen times from Peter David alone in some mini in the 90s with kids in the future with bad haircuts and worse lingo.

But the book hasnt been as fun since Jones' first arc. This is spartacus shit right here, with the Hulk.


Ultimate Fantastic Four # 28 - Millar's "President Thor" utopia is turning out just as youd imagine it, and the altnernate-realityness of the tale leaves for shocking moments & deaths and such, but its hard for me cause im still just kinda waiting to see the Marvel Zombies make their move.

This is what marvel presolicits do, theyre like movie trailers....youre trying to be excited about seeing some shit like Final Destination 3, and the trailers to it are Silent Hill and X3 or some shit and now youre just sitting the whole movie thinking "this is shit, i wish i was watching those films". its not that this arc is shit, its Millar having ultimate reality fun, but seeing a cover of Marvel Zombies and Doom's return does this to me.


Infinite Crisis Speical: Aftermath Bludhaven - its b&w, its Nightwing's town, its infinite crisis, i gave it a go. But its like DC's trying to use ideas from Civil War and even DMZ but with lesser dialogue, and it shows. I'm not reading into this, though: perhaps their hand was forced, but you know this whole summer every time a DC book has gov't regulated heroes taking jurasdiction over the regulars, youre gonna think "biter!"


Figured out what it is about this 1-year later books (ive been trying many of them) that's bugging me: showing the aftermath 1-year later, while the big event from 1 year prior is still going on, bugs me. Its one thing to show your hand that the event was just a springboard for new books (*coughHouseofMcough*) but its another to let me know that, no matter how bad shit looks right now in # 5 of the main book, when the finale comes out this month, you know for damn sure no one major's gonna die cause there they all are, one year later, doin alright. Some tension, sure, but it looks to me like youre playing down the aftermath before the explosoin's even finished going off, strikes me as selling the book short.



skeet - ive not ready X-Men in a while, but im tempted to, god knows im reading Apocalypse vs Dracula for chrissake. and i pretty much felt the same way about UXM, though i thought it was rahter promising for the future...hey, when is Singer supposed to do his arc? its been a while since major shit popped off in this book.

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New Avengers: Illuminati (best of the week) - Bendis + Maleev on the secret circle of Marvel...this was cool, and it let bendis show some more character than im used to seeing from some of the players here. Its all dialogue, which some kids seem to mind these days, but here it is: the big Civil War setup (besides whats going on in Amazing Spidey), the decision made that started Planet Hulk, all of it - and its cool to see some continuity, reflections in other books and such.

Plus! the preview that ran in Wizard of "Civil War # 1", where you get to see which irrelevant team makes the fuckup that really gets the wheels in motion. 2 strong stories in 1 book.

All this is doing is making me more hyped for this crossover than i was for House of M, Secret War, all of it - its beautiful the way Bendis is trying to show it all leading to this. Man, they better deliver.

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The Walking Dead # 27 - Alright, those complaining that nothing seems to be happening in the prison arc should really read this....the best surprise ending since # 24's tagline one. Narrowly lost best of the week to Civil War hype.


Fantatsic Four # 536 - Another Civl War tie-in...props again to JMS for making this readable. Sometimes im less a fan of his comedy, but the only thing that bothers me about this issue is that the big ending is spoiled by the damn cover! Honestly, if that wasnt htere, it wouldve been a really cool surpirse.


Books of Doom # 5 - Brubaker is all over Marvel right now, much to Skeeter's chagrin. This origin of Doom is great, and now its one issue away from finishing, showing the triumphant return & rebellion within Latveria....naturally, the highlights of this series have been Doom's more personal and vulnerable moments early on, as well as last issue, seeing the suit come together and all....he's a cool character, and its a solid origin so far, but im picky and its just below "ill buy the trade" status.


Captain America 65th anniversary speical - This is cool - Bru tells a classic WW II story with Cap, deadly Bucky, and Fury & the howling commandoes. The artists (there's 2, the book is like 30 something pages) manage a great silver-age feel to it, and it feels adventurous, like an issue of Hellboy, not cheesy like youd imagine. The ending ties into current events pretty well too...i read it just to read another Bru cap story, and it turned out pretty fun.


» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «


The Sentry # 7 - I'm reading too many books now, what with trying out the DC ones. Im in the mood to drop some...and after Black Panther, this was next in line. But man, im glad i didnt...Jenkis took the book down Miracle Man road again this issue, and the suspense he's buliding is pretty good, assuming it clears up the confusion this book has left me with. Anyway, this issue (plus the fact that i forgot its only got one more issue to go) kept me on board.


Gun-Fu: Showgirls are forever - Man, i somehow missed the last Gun-Fu series, which is a shame cause i really dug the first one. There's a thread about it somewhoere...anyway, this one-shot was alright, also had Dave Sim from Cerebus on board. The first book i wanted in trade, this was cool but not enough to warrant adding to my collection.


Iron Man # 6 - And after god knows how long, the arc ends. It all tied up well, final fight was great (as expected), but it leaves me with 2 depressing facts:

1) Joe Q's already said Stark's new powers wont reflect in other books, which is confusing and kinda crappy

2) Ellis + Granov are gone. I forget who comes on next, and i wanna keep at it, but its just hard for me to read a solo series on stark, and this team was so good.

Im actually debating the TPB of this one; much like when they relaunced Cap in Marvel Knights (the Cassady one), i really enjoyed this take.


All-Star Superman # 3 - Man, Morrisson is weird. This one's like a stand-alone "supes loves loius" story but manages to be fun and crazy along the way, with Loius somehow getting Supes' powers for a day. Im assuming its the quiet-before-the-shit-he's-still-dying storm. An odd issue, but with Quitely's pencils and all, this thing still reads like shakespeare compared to its batman counterpart.


Batman # 651 - Vs Poison Ivy....this was kinda like watching the animated series, cause the cast is all here (i didnt know Morgan Freeman's character in the movie was in the comics, by the way). Fun, but not horribly eventful, with the exception of someone who's running around and bumping off Bats' b-list villians, as another one dies here too.


Action Comics # 837 - So...supes is mortal somehow, Luthor's bankrupt.....im not really concerned, sadly, but then Green Lantern shows up, and the move he makes on the last page will keep me on board for a few more issues, at least.


Nextwave # 3 - This book is just fucking cool. 2 was a bit slower, this one put it back on track for me. Ellis & Immomen have the coolest new marvel book on their hands, and if they finish out an arc like this, ill get the trade for sure.


Rex Mundi # 17 - I gotta bring back the thread on this one, volume 2 has been crazy. If you dug Da Vinci Code or Indiana Jones, youll dig this - the secrets behind the holy grail, the lost book of Judas, christs's descendants, all of it...its the best mystery book ive read in a while.


Squadron Supreme # 1 - Its funny, seeing Gary Frank draw Bush. Anyway, this is the premier of the gov't-forced team, and knowing what Hyperion comes, this should be interesting. Speaking of, his series just closed out, and as fun as alternate timelines can be, it didnt beat Way/Dillon on Nighthawk. Anyway, this isnt Max, so no more titties.


Superman # 650 - first part of the story that ran in Action Comics, the fall of Luthor. I have a hard time with any public that sees this guy as a criminal mastermind, then makes him president, then wants him convicted as a killer. Its just silly.


The New Avengers # 17 - Deodato fills in here, and its obvious, cause its not as good as Finch. The first part of this book, with Cage's initiative, is a cool read, and i wonder if itll ever come up again...the 2nd half, featruing whatever beat the crap outta Alpha Flight, was pretty cool too, but...

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «
Mightve been the weakest of the series so far, which still makes it a decent issue.


X-Men # whatever - Goddammit, cleremont, you know this is shit when youre writing it. Next month's "secret of how psylocke came back and no one noticed" doesnt look promising, either.


X-Men: 198 # 3 - Hine's in odd territory here; the rest of the Marvel U doesnt reflect this odd concentration camp at the Xavier estate, and it feels like a powder keg ready to blow as it is without these bad ideas the feds are running. Not as good as Deadly Genesis, but i wanna see how it ends.

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