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Y tu mama tambien

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I saw this movie a little earlier today, and I really liked it.  It's about two teenagers in mexico who's girlfriends leave for the summer, and they end up spending at week going to the beach with a married woman.  She teaches them a thing or two... or more....  This one's NC-17 for a reason, lots and lots of nudity from both sexes, cause in mexico they don't have  rules that let you kill dozens of people but not show two people having sex....  So basically, don't take your 7 year old sister to see it.  Really good movie, funny, but not necesarrily a comedy, just gets a few characters, and throws them into a situacion that changes them forever... has great character developement all alla that, but it's not snobby or anything at all, I highly reccomend it.  Cheif told me he saw this one and liked it too, I'd like to see him giev his thoughts about it.  I think this one goes up there with "Amorres Perros" on the list of cool mexican movies.


PS  Not necessary, but it's nice if you know spanish, if not you'll go through the movie thinking that the characters are calling girl,s "totally righteous babes."

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Definitely, I agree w/ Junker 100%.  I personally didn't find the nudity to be anything outrageous.  Of course I've seen Mexican / Spanish foreign films before so I knew what was coming from that aspect.  In all honestly, the characters were Mexican but the movie was done in a Euro-Spanish style.


I liked it alot, very funny, yet very insightful on the Mexican way of life.  If you pay attention to the narratives that takeover every once and a while, you'll see the gap b/w the rich & powerful people and the poor & indian people.  Touching.


It's not knowing Spanish that's important.  If you don't know Mexican-style spanish, that's the problem.  Trust me, the jokes were a little funnier for me.



Also making some foreign film reccommendations:

Jamon, Jamon  by Almodovar.... actually, rent everything by Almodovar... good stuff

La Belle Epoc  - funny as hell

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actually, rent everything by Almodovar... good stuff


Yeah, I saw "dark habits" (not sure of it's spanish title) in film class, about an order of fucked up nuns that do all sorts of drugs.  Don't know if you've seen it, but that one was pretty cool.  As for the mexican slang, you can pick it up if you dont know it, about halfway through at least you know what they mean, after this one I can curse somebody out in spanish with the best of them.    :mexican:

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The only two mexican movies I can remember seeing are 'El Mariachi' and 'Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown'. I know I'll seen others, but I can't remember them now. If you know anythign about Argentina or Argentines, then 'Un Argentino En Nueva York' is hilarious. I saw it when I lived in Argentina, and I think you really need to be bilingual (English and Spanish obviously) and know about Argentines to really appriciate it. I guess that something of a niche market. I think people who don't know about Argentina might still enjoy it, just not as much.

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