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"They haven't invented a word yet for how cool DEAD LEAVES is!" - PLAY Magazine


The truest statement ever!! This shit is unbeleavable!! I can't even begin to explain it!! It's so cool!! I can't hype it up enough!! I recommend this anime to everyone!! Go to Best Buy and get it... don't ask... just get it!! It's in the anime section!! BUY IT NOW!!





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this movie made me wanna drink more, or smoke crack or something. its one of those "shit isnt getting shot during the reloading scenes"....fun as hell, and ideal for low attention spans. Animation was well done, plot was minimal and didnt get inna way of shit getting shot up. I'm glad Cap'n forced this on me & Jax.

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I'm down to see all that!! After this movie though, I just think that everything just ain't gonna be up to par!! I know I'm saying stupid shit, but you just gotta watch it and you'll understand...

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