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Don't forget there's also the track he did with DJ Shadow, March of Death, and the Reznor-produced solo track, We Want It All.


The One Day as a Lion EP came out like 4 years ago. I didn't like it as much as Rage's better tracks, or as much as March of Death, We Want It All or C.I.A., but it was still good stuff.

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I see a new post by Nick in the RATM thread, I assume either a new album, or tour dates that include Miami. Sigh...


Anyway, Nick, if you haven't yet, check out One Day as a Lion, Zack de la Roch's solo EP.


Given that the other two members have similarly existing and fairly awesome bands they're attached to I think you mean 'superband'. But then i never discuss music so my terminology might be wrong.

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Is no one gonna address the whole willful removing of a healthy tooth thing? WTF?


that actually made it out? ive still got a few tracks here & there (one with KRS-1 from way back too, i wanna say), didn't know it'd happened. will grab though, thanks man - how'd you like it?

it was okay, but forgettable. kinda like the last audioslave album.

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A source close to the band tells Rolling Stone that the fans – so far – are wrong. "This is not a Rage-specific reunion," says the source. "There's a lot more to it. There are a lot of moving parts, a lot of exciting news to be revealed."


The project will include "some of the members of Rage." The source also confirms the project will include live shows. "Whether that's one show, or five shows, I don't know," says the source. "There are more announcements to come."


Prophets Of Rage is Rage Against The Machine w/ Chuck D. & B-Real on Vocals, Not Zack De La Rocha


pretty hyped - i've missed Zack, but at this point, dude's bailed on DJ Shadow, RTJ, Once a Lion and tons of efforts...i know he's an eccentric dude, but the last track i heard him on might've been that KRS one from the bush era.


this could be really great, looking forward to hearing these styles come together!

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Sheeeeeet. I was hoping the same part of hell that froze over that allowed Axl to get GnR back together was at play here for RATM and Zack De La Rocha. I wonder why he's gone so reclusive? I'm feeling even more fortunate that I saw RATM do a reunion show in NOLA back in 2006.


Anyway, thanks for the info and I am eager to hear what Chuck D & BReal can do with Tom Morello. Guess we'll know for sure what this is all about in 9 days.


I'm feeling even more fortunate that I saw RATM do a reunion show in NOLA back in 2006.

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