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Irish Cowboy ||10-15-2001| |08:11 PM| |TheIrishCowboy@hotmail.com|

Yahve, can we get our own icons here sometime?


The Matrix 2 - scheduled for next summer, it looks like. Keanu just sprained his ankle in a fight scene vs 5 guys.  Plus, you know that old lady who played the oracle? She died. Sad. Between that and Alyah, the stars are droppin like flies.

Preacher - The film is a go, shoots in November, but no offical casting yet (?).  Directed by the chick who shot "Tank Girl"...I dont know what to make of that.  I still say Hugh Jackman for Jesse Custer, tho.

Spider-Man - still up for next March.  Not lookin as good as it did but might still be interestin. Wish James Cameron and Lawrence Fishbourne stayed on, but the budget's higher than X-Men now, so it's got a fightin chance. 'Sides, didnt the trailer look cool?

X-Men 2 - Hugh Jackman's back on board, which is cool, but many discrepencies with the comic story - i dont like some of the changes.  Unfortunately, they ditched the ideas of Apocalypse & Sentinels, and the villian might again be Magneto, but with the Juggernaut to boot.  We'll see...at least theyre bringin in Nightcrawler and possibly Gambit.

Blade 2 - Put off till next February, but now featuring Norman Reedus (boondock saints..woo hoo!).  Might still get a NC-17 for violence....awww yeah.

Star Wars 2 - Same gay subname, now more Jar Jar.

Batman - Tho "Batman Beyond" Movie got canned, "Batman: Year One" got the go-ahead tho,

with direction by Dan Arnofsky (Requiem for a Dream, Pi), so that oughta be pretty cool.

Daredevil - Sometime in 2002, tho Ben Affleck will be playing the lead role, instead of the far more talented Ed Norton.

This week, a comic translation of "From hell" comes out, and it looks fairly good..lemme know if anyone else wants to see it in the next few weeks.


bacchus ||10-17-2001| |09:34 AM| |bacchus979@hotmail.com|



bacchus ||10-17-2001| |02:18 PM| |bacchus979@hotmail.com|

i'm up for , 'from hell' . lets arrange something... its got my boy donny brasco and

everything. its gatta be cool.


yahve| |11-16-2001| |04:26 AM|

Harry Potter comes out today.  You all know I'm there front line and center.  I've

actually read the whole published series, it really is some good shit.

Phear not Bacchus, I shall read the fellowship fo the ring before the movie comes out!  

this i vow upon the Sacred Sirloin I shall provide if im wrong.


bacchus ||11-16-2001| |05:37 AM| |bacchus979@hotmail.com|

so let it be written ... SO let it be done!!!


nick watson [drunken irish cowboy - TROLL] ||11-17-2001||06:28 PM||irish@hotmail.com|

alright mr. y says "justice has been severed here yes sir justice."


evilbono ||11-18-2001| |02:34 PM| |evilbono79@hotmail.com|

What the fuck is all that Mr. Y crap.  This all seems a little silly but it could just be me.

Good one on Potter.  The little tyke stays true to the book and the lack of Spielberg

isn't felt at all.


dinghy ||11-19-2001| |04:13 PM|

saw it myself the other day...was impressed .Now regret not having read the series.And

now my resolve to finish lords of the ring is renewed. :p


Irish Cowboy ||11-19-2001| |04:24 PM| |TheIrishCowboy@hotmail.com|

That Mr Y crap is a former member here lashin out at the host of this site for


censoring his views; ya had to be there, i guess.  'S funny.

I heard even Alan Rickman didnt save the rushed ending of that Potter one, what did ya

think Dinghy?

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