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Finally saw "A Better Tomorrow", that shit was fuckin good.  This man is an artist when it comes to shoot-outs....my vote's goin for Hard Boiled tho.  

Was also curious to see how many others out there have actually seen some of these badass flicks.

PS Folks, if any of you are interested in these films, i cant stress enough how good an idea it is to watch em with Spiffytee.

The man caught many of the mistranslations/omissions in the subtitles, thank god someone knows Cantonese...anyway, made the film a lot cooler, trust me.  Thanks again Timbo.

:D :shoot:



Chow Yun (Yuen?) Fat, bitch!





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A couple o' mistakes, John woo didn't do a Better Tommorrow III, Tsui Hark did, damn fine movie though.  And he also didn't do replacement killers, tho he did executive produce, so he probably helped a lot.  My vote goes to Hard Boiled, of course.  Close seconds go to Bullet in the Head, The Killer, and Better tommorrows.  Hard Boiled is just one of the best action movies ever made.  And I demand to know why Hard Target isn't on the list!!!

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Whoops, few errors, thanks Junker. I knew bout Replacement Killers but i figure its close enough.

Hard Target = not there cause ive never seen it, sadly...ok, should anyone vote for that one, just vote the last option & lemme know.  Its a damn fine poll, anyway! :shoot: :railgun:

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First of all, props for nick for putting up this and the wonderful pics!  Chow is god, not yahve.  Anyway... let's get to the itty bitty details.  John Woo has directed many movies, the most memorable ones being The killer, hard boiled, bullet in the head, better tomorrow 1 & 2, broken arrow, hard target, face off and mi-2.  Also directed a tv movie of once a thief, which was originally a HK flick with chow too.  He has been in the production team of the big hit, replacement killers, and others that i don't know off the bat.  I am going to be nitty gritty - john woo has flops (most of his early stuff and some of his amreican films.)  However, when he does the good ones, they go above and beyond.


First off, I don't think broken arrow and bullet in the head were that cool.  (a lot of people would disagree with the bullet in the head.)  Why did i vote for the killer as best movie?  I really liked the strength of friendship in the movie.  It showed that against many odds, there's always a friend that's got your back.  It also had a lot of drama, conflicts, and betrayal.  Of all his films, save face off and a better tomorrow a close two, this has gotta be the most flowing and dramatic one in my opinion.  Hard boiled is second.  it's got that ganster/friendship mayhem that puts 'er there with the best shoot outs of all his movies.  And don't forget a better tomorrow.  It didn't have the fancy shootouts, but it sure had good story.  I'm not sure, but i think he wrote these movies.  All the american movies don't have the asian flavor cause everything has to be 'happy' and it's someone else's script.  Among his american movies, face off had the only good script.  ain't much to work with.  hard target, once a thief (english version; has witty jokes too  :p) had some really good action sequences, which saved the movie in my opinion.  broken arrow has no saving features.


now why - you ask, do you have mi-2?  the action sequences arent' as cool as his hk flicks and the story bites...  Here's the answer.  it's the first one of his movies to take advantage of dolby digital after dd was invented.  none of that bs mastering dd stuff.  comon, the action sequences were pretty cool.  Go chow!  watch out for windtalkers!!!!


ps... i can only get into chinese when you get the subbed version.  note - many fans of hard target are furious that the edited scenes weren't included.  great, you can put in robocop's gory stuff, but can't do it for john woo... dammit



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i:m glad to see an open mind to these movies.  again, the good chinese flicks are few and far between and the usa woo movies aren:t a consistent A.  For all those guys that saw hard boiled and liked it, i recommend the killer and a better tomorrow.  note ^ most, almost all of the time, the subbing sucks.

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While not a Woo flick, it does have Chow...



Anyway, Spiffy tells me its the basis for Tarentino's popular "Resevoir Dogs", which most of us action fans know was a cool flick, so I'm already curious...add this to the fact that im told its one of Fat's finest moments, and I'm extrememly curious.

Turns out, Spiffy has the tape & wants to watch it sometime soon, lemme know if anyone else here (local) wants to watch it with us - most likely wont be till after finals anyway.

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