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See, dis nigga can't even come up with his own dis... he has to use Toll Booth Willy. :D

Oh, so now I'm funny to you, ah?  Funny?  How funny?  Explain funny?  Funny like I'm a comedian or something?  How funny am I?  JUST HOW FUCKIN' FUNNY AM I, WISEGUY?!

So you rag on Nick like your his wife about being unoriginal, and then you throw out a Goodfellas line at me? At least Nick's shit was a dis, yours wasn't even that, it was a lame-ass unoriginal and empty threat. Bravo, retard.

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Man, that's the 3rd time youve come onto me today....you might wanna try hittin on Jumbie next.

Actully, its the 4th if you count the fact your impatient ass posted twice. The joke was half funny before; now its about a quarter. Thanks for showin up & tryin tho..


dammit chief i was just about to....fuck it, your mom's a steggy.


ps he's right tho, too many on-lookers....dont be scrud!

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