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Betcha didn't know that Soft Cell wasn't the first artist to record Tainted Love. It's true. Tainted Love was an unknown b-side/album filler sound for a practically unknown motown girl group.


Yeah, I remember hearing that now...though I'm not sure if you played it for me or I heard it somewhere else...



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Yeah, I might've mentioned them earlier. Some of their stuff is from pretty obscure songs...well, on second thought, they may be obscure to me because I don't recognize them...but I once did a search for COVER SONGS in WinMX and got a shitload of their stuff listed.

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Speaking of the gimmegimmes I went t'see 'em on *cough*thecarsondalyshow*cough* a little while back. I talked to 'em after for a minute but I gotta say that after 15 years of diggin' NOFX and up for giving my left arm to see 'em live (I got shafted twice damn it, twice!) Fat Mike was a dick. Maybe he was just having a bad day or something.... :D Everyone else was cool though.

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The Clash's version of The Bobby Fuller Four's I Fought The Law. I've had the UK version of the Clash's eponymous album for a while now, and I downloaded the tracks that appear on the US version and not the Uk versiont eh other day and man I love that song. That and Clash City Rockers, but that ain't a cover.

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I love Metalica's cover of Astronomy by the Blue Oyster Cult. I think it actually surpasses the original because BOC are a metal band at heart, but the production on their cds really softens the sound to more of a classic rock level. Metallica's version sounds more like how BOC plays it live than BOCs album version does.

Garage inc in general is a great cover album, beats the hell out of everything else they've done since the black album.


Other ones are bouncing souls' cover of Ray Charles' "Born to Lose," screeching weasel's cover of "I can see clearly" and Fear Factory and Static X's cover of Ministry's "Burning inside"


And me first and the gimme gimme's new album is great, it's got covers of Stairway to heaven and strawberry fields forever, nothing is sacred!

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Good god. Abba cover?!


Anyways, I wouldn't nominate this as 'best cover', but The The's Hanky Panky is a Hank Williams Tribute album I reckon everyone should give a listen to once. These guys're like the 80's ancestors of NIN an' Rammstein, but their reverence for the material is obvious.

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here's some more.


what i like about you --suicide machines

barbie girl(aqua) --mxpx(i think)

everywhere(michelle branch) --yellowcard

i want you to want me( ) --nofx

ice ice baby(vanilla ice) --new found glory

have you ever seen the rain --the ramones

whip it(devo) --face to face

i touch myself(divynl) --eve 6

cry me a river(justin) --lostprophets

gimme gimme shock treatment(ramones) --static-x


i'm not sure of the artists of these songs.. but they're pretty cool.

hit me baby one more time

fraggle rock

mrs. robinson

hotel california

i love rock and roll

video killed the radio star

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