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So who will win this years premier league?  

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Everton 0 Chelsea 1

Man City 0 Man Utd 2

Arsenal 5 Crystal Palace 1


All stays the same with 11 games to go, Chelsea still have a 9 point lead over Man Utd.


However Chelsea have to play both Man Utd and Arsenal in their last remaining games, so its still all to play for....


Champions League next week, Quarter Finals, some tasty matches there.


Chelsea v Barcelona

Man Utd v AC Milan :D

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Newcastle have kicked Chelsea out of the FA cup, so they're down to three trophys.. Although they lost 2-1 to Barcelona, i would still fancy them to win at stamford bridge.


Yesterdays Premiership Results


Man Utd 2 - 1 Portsmouth

Southampton 1 - 1 Arsenal


Man Utd close gap at top to 6 points. Chelsea playing in the Carling Cup final today. Arsenal slip further behind.


This is going to go all the way!


Here's the table


Chelsea Pd 27 Pts 68

Man Utd Pd 28 Pts 62

Arsenal Pd 28 Pts 58

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Norwich 2-0 Man Utd


Fucking hell...what a result for the canaries...


Chelsea drew with Birmingham City and Arsenal bet Middlesborough, but as I said, it's all about Mourinho's boys this season. I think I'm more interested in what's happening in the SPL t'tell the truth, that looks like it'll go down to the Old Firm on the 24th.....come on Celtic.... :D

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So Chelsea take the pelt in the stomach.

Chelsea 1-2 Barcelona.



Shucks. :(


Anyway, any Chelsea fans amoung? All I normally get is '' YOU BOUGHT THE FUCKIN' LEAGUE!!!!! ''

Alright, so I know Jose is one RICH FUCK, but I'm still loyal to my team. I've been with them since the good 'ol day's, 1999... Zola, Vialli, Wise, Flo...


Well, I havn't caught up with footy in a while, so I've been checking it out the past few months.


John Terry really did put some heart into that game, glad to have him around.

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Ah well, Chelsea 2-1 West Brom.

Peh, I spit on them.




Barca next, again... and this time we don't have stamford to back us up :howyoudoin:


Then, on the 11th we have the Yiddo's finally ( Any Tottenham fans ? ).

I predict.......Chelsea 3-2 Yiddo's.

'course I'm completely wrong.

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Barca Tomorrow........



The fuckers play some hard footy.

I must say, having Joe Cole around is going to be cool as fuck, he's played some decent footy the past few matches, including Englands win.

unfortunately, Robben decided to be a dirty cunt towards West Brom on friday. We won't have him throughout. We won't have him for Tottenham either.

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