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So who will win this years premier league?  

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It's so fucked up that 50% of the England team were Hammers at the same time. It was so fucking bad when they went down (Chelsea were the cunts that sealed the deal as a matter of fact..fucking Chelsea). I'm still happy at how we're doing this season. Europe...probably not but how sweet it'd be.


SOF what's the score with Keane at Celtic? Great for selling jerseys but it was a bit of a non-event.

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From what i've seen of Keane in scotland he's more than able to handle them up there.


I think his signing for celtic will serve a few purposes


1: sell more jerseys (i'm ashamed to say i have a celtic '16' shirt now, but roy keane is my hero anyway)

2: bring vital experience of being successful at the highest level to celtic when they come into europe next year

3: make celtic a more attractive option for "bigger" name signings


Looking forward to the barca chelsea match tonight.


Joe cole is playing awesome at the moment, sure is helping you guys.

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