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So who will win this years premier league?  

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i hate to ruin your fun, don... fuck you.. the premiership is one thing

where are you in europe

what is it?? nowhere

thought so...

money cant buy spirit

chelsea might have kicked ass in the premiership but you were outclassed by a Good team... Real Betis....

Then you were dominated by a Great team... (by the way, this is the semi finals last year where liverpool beat you 1-0) Liverpool

Then whats more an Excellent team, Barcelona

unfortunately... arsenal are a world class team (in europe)








Youve just been served

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" you've just been served "


go fuck yourself.


Anyway, who might you support?

money seems to have brought around plenty of spirit, all of a sudden it's seen as disgusting to be a Chelsea supporter, well fuck that up the arse, I'll celebrate all I like.


To SOF - People keep complaning about Chelsea being the culprits, Rooney is a big boy now, look at him compared to Terry. They both had a grizzly clashing, Terry given 10 stiches for fuck sake. I think Rooney will be up and running for the world cup to be honest, who the fuck wants to miss it?



To Joy Division - Did I say anything about doubting the ability of other teams? No I didn't so what the fuck are you talking about.

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I'm not blaming chelsea for the rooney injury? who is? it was a freak accident, these things happen. In relation to Terry thats a soft tissue injury and he's the type of player who'd play through anything especially the championship winning match. I doubt even he'd be able to play on if he'd broken bones in his feet!


Support your team, celebrate their glory.


It is going to be one helluva CL Final if you ask me!

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Happy enough, 4 nil.

Good result on the last day, although it looks like Van Nistelrooy has thrown the rattle well and truly out of the pram.


As for Arsenal, it was just written in the stars that Henry would get a hat trick on the last day, at the last game at highbury!

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Aw man, what a fucking match. If only Harewood wasn't so fucked up.


Great match all in all. I can't say the best team won (and that's not being bias....or, uhm..counting that "offside") as the Hammers out did themselves this season.


I was still glad to see them in the finals. Europe next year!

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