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Yeah Marlo and Moondragon had a sexy phase during Captain Marvel the Genis-Vell years. (I miss Genis-Vell Captain Marvel. :()


Just read the new New Avengers #1


Hellstorm calls Strange for help as the barriers protecting this dimension are in bad shape thanks to all the bad magic, but it turns out to be a trap and now they're both possessed and were even able to take down the new sorcerer supreme, Dr. Voodoo.


Meanwhile Tony sells the old (and rebuilt) Avengers mansion to Luke Cage for a dollar, when Cage, Jessica, and Iron Fist there though Victoria Hand is waiting for them with a gun... to ask for a job. Cage knocks her down a classic super-strong hand clap (shockwave, knockdown, etc.) and throw her out. Later Cage and Wolverine find her at a cafe and ask why she's really here, she explains thinking Wolverine is there to kill her, but he was only brought to make sure she wasn't lying and under Steve Rogers recommendation, Victoria Hand now works for the New Avengers. They all have a team get together and invite Thing into the crew when Hellstom and Strange show up... and then all hell broke loose!



Roster for those interested:


Luke Cage (Leader)

Jessica Jones

Ms. Marvel





Iron Fist

The Thing

Victoria Hand


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yeah, it was fun. me, im more bothered by spidey & ^_^ being on 2 avenger teams both. i mean, we got classic JRJR avengers (not sure how long im sticking with that one), Secret Avengers (looks like the one ill follow) and New Avengers (basically the same as it was before, but not underground). at this rate, i cant be surprised if Logan shows up in Avengers @#$%ing Academy, and cracks a joke about it.


you know, somewhere, an Avengers West Coast fan is crying that there wasnt room for just one book more

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/signed on the West Coast front.


Scaling discussion back for a minute to old New Avengers, despite my assertion that Hawkeye's ressurection was a fucking sham, looks like he's here to stay and I guess Bendis took my objections in hand to some degree early in the New Avengers piece, so I guess I should thank him for that.

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So the New New Avengers team is composed of like half of the old New Avengers Team which is still for the most part together..... Fuck this shit, I'ma just read Secret Avengers from now on. (I can at least take heart that Avengers: The Initiative has gone the way of West Coast)

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Hickman's New Avengers has been some really compelling stuff; for those who just want footnotes, here's an awesome post i took from GAF for catching people up to speed:





The multiverse is dying and Earth - all of them – is the source though no one knows why.


What is known is that Incursions, a phenomenon in which two parallel Earths occupying the same super-position in the grand structure of the multiverse eventually collide in actuality, precedes the mutual annihilation of their respective universes and it is an endless cycle. Even if you stop an Incursion more will continue to happen again and again until your Earth is destroyed.


Sheer coincidence reveals the situation to T'challa, the Black Panther, when he accidentally stumbles into an incursion point; a small bridge between the two colliding Earths where each Earth seemingly appears in the others sky. The other Earth is destroyed by a group of people who came from it and Black Panther soon learns the reason. Against all previous misgivings, T’challa has no choice but to gather the brightest minds of the Marvel universe and reform the Illuminati to deal with the early death of everything.




Reed Richards explains the situation to the group:





The situation is clear: to save universes the Illuminati must be prepared to destroy worlds. Not all heroes will accept the destruction of other worlds to save themselves so the group must operate in secrecy.


The Illuminati soon learn from Black Swan, a mysterious survivor of previous Incursions, that there are powerful beings that have successfully dealt with Incursions or accelerate the process for their own reasons. Sooner or later the Illuminati will face each of them.




Tony Stark builds his Avengers machine, assembling a group of heroes so powerful that they will be able to handle any imaginable threat without assistance from the Illuminati members as they deal with the Incursions.







Plans rarely survive execution. Builders, a precursor race, blaze a trail of destruction across the galaxy as they head towards Earth. Their goal is simple: destroy Earth to save the universe. Explaining this to other beings is apparently beneath them. The Avengers deal with the Builders as Thanos comes to Earth for his own reasons while the Avengers are distracted.


Everyone does their job. Earth is saved from the Builders. Thanos is captured and held in stasis by the Illuminati.




The wheel is relentless and soon the Illuminati encounter the inevitable. Noble heroes from another Earth are also dealing with Incursions. The Great Society (aka The Justice League) and the Illuminati battle until Doctor Strange gives into darkness and kills them.




With no opposition left, the Illuminati debate detonating the other Earth with one of their planet busting bombs until Namor cuts all debate short.






Horrified and disgusted, the Illuminati decide amongst themselves to make peace with fate and allow the next Incursion to occur without resistance. Nothing happens. No apocalypse, no invaders, no heroes. Then the obvious: Where’s Namor?





While all of this is happening Captain America learns of the Illuminati's betrayal and receives a warning from the future.








The stage is now set. The Avengers. The Illuminati. The Cabal. Soon time runs out.


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