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Someone mentioned ATHF to me a few weeks ago, but I had no idea it was televised over in the UK. Until I stayed up channel surfing till the early hours and, to my utter delight, found Adult Swim on Bravo.


I cannot believe this thing will be a movie. Bring it. Bring all. Bring more.

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SOmeone needs to advise me now as to whether or not I should continue the enterprise of trying to watch this. I just hired out the 1st season and 5 minutes in I just didn't see the point. Then came meatwad. I can't recall whatever it was the thing said because my mind could really only focus on finding the remote and making the voice go away. Everyone seems to rave about this show, and Harvey Birdman. I just wanna know if I should plug on because it gets better or if this is just Napolean Dynomite and/or I heart Huckabes all over again.


Feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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you leave huckabees alone, you


Its ADD theatre, and its funny in its complete randomness. There are early episodes i didnt laugh as much at...tell you waht, ill see later this week if i can find on youtube or somehwere one of the better ones and you tell me based on that if its your cup of tea or not.


You can save a lotta time if you youtube "hand banana" and search for the ATHF episode of that name. I garuntee if you dont think that's brilliant, you wont dig the series.

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ok, so the two best episodes ive yet seen:


Hand Banana


a timeless tale for the ages...about rape. so, so awesome.

so awesome, in fact, it makes me want this. watch the episode, then tell me you woudlnt buy that.


next up:


Bible Fruit


Watch ATHF V06E09 - Bible Fruit in Funny Videos, Anime, and Animation  |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com


Chief's favorite, and its hard not to love.

"...you sack of tangerine bitch."


watch these, and share your favorites, kids.

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