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Suffering from Family Guy withdrawl? I don't know about the rest fo you, but as great as Family Guy is, after seeing each episode about a dozen times each, I've just stopped watching it. And I've been suffering from withdrawl.


Well, maybe of us suspected it, and the series premiere of American Dad yesterday confirmed it. American Dad is ALOT like Family Guy. There's the political twist, but the feel is exactly the same. And Family Guy's is on it's way back too, so it'll be interesting how the shows evolve apart from each other. Futurama, as different as the setup was from the Simpsons, felt alot like The Simpsons early on, but later (later half of season 2, maybe season 3) came into its own and bacame a distinct show in its own right. I hope American Dad heads in that direction too, though I can't say I'd be disappointed to see it stay consistantly funny and not change.


Very funny, and I hope it won't alienate the politically conservative Family Guy fans.


Lemme hit you alls with a link to a site with a torrent for it: ShunTV


It requires a sign-up, but it's worth it for the prompt Daily Show uploads. If you don't wanna sign up, I'm sure lots of torrent site will have it. If you like Family Guy, check it out, pronto!

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Man I laughed so hard during this cartoon. It was just soooo wrong. Between the german-pervert fish and the chubby, shit-squirting alien, it doesn't get much more random. Great stuff. Not sure how fresh it would be after quite a few episodes, but I hope it will be as consistently good as The Simpsons, et al.

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Any chance of a direct link to the torrent, or maybe you could upload it. The site you linked to isn't accepting new members, I guess due to the whole Suprnova/Lokitorrent shutdowns they recon if a site stays small it stays safe.

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Just finished watching it. A shit load like family guy, probably not as many laugh out loud moments but still entertaining.


It's still seems a little pointless to me, apart from the CIA element, which isn't realy played up on much, the main character is pretty much a mix of Peter Griffin and Joe Swanson.

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