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Hondo's Bar

The Neverland Ranch

Would you party at Mike's Love Shack?  

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Why are these fucking kids complaining. I'd love to go to the Neverland Ranch, get drunk off my ass on wine, high on pills and watch internet porn with Mickey J.


I don't believe any of the shit they say about him either. Back during the Dangerous tour, me and my mate went to see him in concert and my mate went for a piss in a bathroom full of security guards and reckoned that MJ was in there taking a piss/mandump too - hence the guards. Good reasoning, no? Anyways, why didn't he try and get my mate (then 11 years old) drunk on wine, high on pills and horny on internet porn? Explain that the prosecution, explain that.


In summation:




Thank you for your time and patience.

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