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DC Countdown/Infinte Crisis/Final Crisis


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some cover shit or something


So they're already doing their next company-spanning crossover... Read the $1 Countdown issue(well $2 Australian), and someone better-known than Sue Dibny gets their heads ventilated... We already know the villian tho, so i don't think this'll do quite as well as Identity Crisis, and there's like four fuckin' six-issue minis comin' out of it, so I reckon a lotta people're gonna be pissed off.

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Finally read this one, lookin to read "OMAC project" soon too...it seems to pick up the pieces of Identity Crisis pretty well, which im glad to see, cause more needed to be said on some dangling plotlines there.


It's a big issue, and some names dont make it out alive, if that's the kind of thing that gets you awful people readin comics. :D


I'll say more when i read OMAC, but for now, its interstin, im just waiting on DC All-Stars and the new Green Lantern series, personally.

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Newsarama, natch






Late last week DC Comics announced the “rush solicitation” of Prelude To Infinite Crisis Special, a 96-page collection of some of the key stories and moments leading up to this fall’s Infinite Crisis.


At that time DC announced that some of the special’s contents include the crossover story from The Flash #219 and Wonder Woman #214 [in their entirety], plus the lead story from Superman Secret Files 2004. Also promised were “select pages from nearly two dozen other DCU comics, with new text adding context to each story sequence.”


Newsarama fans wanted to know what stories and issues these select pages come from and Monday DC gave us the answer.


According to DC, “pages and panels” from the following titles will be included in the special, though the list is no all-inclusive. Other Crisis tie-ins may also be included.


Action Comics #826

Superman #216

Adventures of Superman #630

Adventures of Superman #638

Superman/Batman #6

Green Lantern: Rebirth #4

Wonder Woman #215

Titans/Young Justice Graduation Day

Teen Titans #18

Teen Titans #19

Teen Titans #21

Teen Titans #23

JSA #58

JSA #70

JSA #72

Robin #135

Outsiders #21

Outsiders #22

Manhunter #6

Aquaman #29

Birds of Prey #80

Adam Strange #8


Prelude To Infinite Crisis Special will be in stores on June 22 with a cover price of $5.99.

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So, right. Final Crisis.

issue # 1 was shit. i love Grant, but fuck, at least Metzer made me care about DC up to the end of his book. so yeah, dropped this one like a bad habit.


after hearing what may've been the point of spearheading this event going down in this week's # 6, i read it (knowingly skipping everything between), and...



wow, its shit. there's tiger people, evil wonder woman, more of Kirby's leftover new gods shit, and darkseid enslaving people. the big finale is batman shooting darkseid with a spartan rifle or something, and they both bite it.

this shoudlnt really surprise you for long; i mean, grant's writing RIP Batman and this is gonna be spoiled for you x10 in like a week anyway. this is the same DC that got One Year Later started up before the events of the lsat crisis tied up.


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As much as I despise Marvel's big crossover events, DC's are ultimately 500 times worse. Marvel promises you shit, then builds up your hopes for 4 months only to kick you square in the balls on month 5, DC just repeatedly kicks you in the balls until you fall over writhing in pain, then it steals your wallet and fucks your girlfriend.


I mean when I look back on the history of DC and come up with that Parallax bullshit and Our Worlds at War as the high point of DC crossovers (I don't count Infinity Crisis, it was an independent story even if it was cannon) then something is really fucking wrong.

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agreed, but hey man, i loved Parallax.


Smaller thigns like Sinestro Wars in GL go down awesome, universe-tying events not as much. its why i cant wait for Blackest Night, but when it goes to a huge crossover, i fear ill stick with GL & the wiki.

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That and Jesus fuck are they bad about the retcons, ten bucks says Batman isn't dead a year before he comes back. This is just gonna be another thing like the Death of Superman. (So I guess Wonder Woman is next to get the axe in 2040) Pretty much the only things DC has EVER kept canon were that Barbara Gordon is a paraplegic and Booster Gold is a useless twat.

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To be fair Batman's death it written very specifically with an out. THe Omega sanction has been returned from before, in continuity, so it's not like it becomes an unbelievable stretch. So long as we get at least a couple of good Dick as batman stories (Prodigal, the last attempt, was shit.) I'm cool with it all.


Not to mention, anyone who thinks they would leave Bruce dead for as long a period as say Barry, or Hal is smoking some crazy shit. He's far more iconic, and irreplaceable than either of those guys were.


Also, judging a series by reading #1 and then #6 is kinda unfair. FC has its problems, but it has been getting consistently better since its stinker of a first issue.

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*Hands up*. No, First issue, buncha lame-arses killing Manhunter as per Libra's 'promise'-him being an emmisary of a greater evil that can hook a nigga up, that had promise. It was also the last moment of the whole series that made any fucking sense. I traipsed through 4 more issues of this shit and it makes less sense all the fucking time. Anti-life equation?

Gods of Apokolips possessing civvies & the ultimate expression of which is Darkseid possessing an ever-resistant Luthor?

. This is the same guy that turned Beast into a furry-posterboy(being a homo AND a cat).

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Also, judging a series by reading #1 and then #6 is kinda unfair. FC has its problems, but it has been getting consistently better since its stinker of a first issue.


dindt say it was the way to go about it, im worse than angel reading the wiki at this rate. its my fault for thinking a universe-spanning event would get my attention in a universe im not wholly concerned with, but again, Identity Crisis did it as an event (granted, mostly just the JLA) and i was all about Sinestro Wars, cant wait for Black Lanterns O' Zombie Bats but im uncertain ill be as into it when that tiger thing and black adam and everyone else im not into start showing up and hogging the pages.

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for those confused & trying to follow the mess, now that its done -


This comes from Morrison himself:

To get the full Final Crisis experience as the author intended it, the reading order is as follows:






BATMAN #682 – 683



The other tie-ins and parallel stories are well worth reading too.


if the trade doesnt follow that, DC is retarded.

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for those confused & trying to follow the mess, now that its done -


This comes from Morrison himself:

if the trade doesnt follow that, DC is retarded.

That list is just for the books Morrison wrote himself. There's a more comprehensive list that supposedly includes ALL the Final Crisis books that came w/ a torrent I DL'd off of demonoid, but I must've deleted it.


Anyway, I finally read all of the FC books & tie-ins and I'm super pissed at myself for wasting hours of my life continuing to read these books hoping the story would somehow all come together, gel and make sense. Apparently that will only happen if I've read Crisis on Infinite Earths, Infinite Crisis (Which I did read and loved b/c it made sense all on it's own. Thank you, Geoff Johns!), 52, Countdown, and basically every other book DC has published since 2005


The three positive things I did take away from this masochistic reading ordeal are:


3. Final Crisis: Rogues' Revenge

I've never read a Flash comic in my life, but this 3 issue mini shows his rogue's gallery to be one badass group of b-list muh'fuhs. It caught me up to speed (pun!) on all the Flash's going-ons and told one helluva stand alone story as well.


2. Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns

I've been hearing about how great Geoff Johns' GL work has been for years now, but avoided the books b/c I've frankly got enough books to catch up on as it is w/out diving into anything new. So this is the first GL book he's written that I can recall ever reading. Now I'm hooked!


1. Avoid Grant Morrison books not drawn by Frank Quitely

All-Star Superman was top notch. I haven't read their entire run on New X-Men, but what I did was enjoyable. And the first issue of their Batman & Robin was great (flying Batmobile!). However, I've never read 7 Soldiers and after reading his Black Glove & R.I.P. arc in Batman and his stuff for Final Crisis I'm not inclined to do so.

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All-Star Superman was a decent read.


Here's the reading order I used for FINAL CRISIS:



Justice League of America #21 (Introduces Libra)


DC Universe #0


Final Crisis #1


FC: Rage Of The Red Lanterns #1


FC: Requiem #1


Final Crisis #2


FC: Rogues' Revenge #1


Final Crisis #3


FC: Rogues' Revenge #2


FC: Rogues' Revenge #3


Superman Beyond #1-2


FC: Revelations #1-5


FC: Submit #1


Final Crisis #4


Batman: 682


Batman: 683


Final Crisis #5


FC: Resist #1


FC : Secret Files [Origin of Libra]


FC: Legion of Three Worlds #1-5 (Occurs Between FC 4 and FC 6)


Final Crisis #6


Final Crisis #7

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