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God, going back to the beginning of this thread is pure gold. 


And Baytor has a point. House of the Dead has never taken itself seriously (don't talk about the movie). That's kinda part of its charm. Its like they just ran with the camp of RE1 and kept it going

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Game Informer details:



- Originally didn't want to do the remake
- Didn't want to start from scratch but rather dial things to 11
- Replayability and Flexibility on how you play were key pillars in development
- You can carry multiple knives (Game can also be beat with Knives Only)
- Laser Sight is an Upgrade, Yellow Herbs are in the game
- Ground Executions can prevent Plagas from forming
- R3 is used to command Ashley (She can follow closely or fall back but will not remain in one place)
- There are no dumpsters for Ashley to hide in this time
- Ashley does not have a health bar, but if she's damaged too much she will need to be revived. She'll die if attacked again in this state
- New Weapon "Bolt Thrower" has been added (Crossbow)
- New Enemy that wields a hammer and wears a bull mask
- More new enemies are also teased by Capcom
- There are sidequests in the game (can be numerous things to do such as fetch quests, puzzles, and more)
- Attache Cases can have perks now such as increasing ammo drops
- You can barricade during the house section like in RE2make
- The game blends Horror and Action very well


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