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I never voted in this? I'll be damned.


Anyway, the correct answer is Kyle.


Here's a little compilation tastefully titled "Hal Jordan is a fucking idiot"


Watch out for that tree!



















What a clumsy fucking oaf. He's like the trust fund kid of superheroes - he didn't earn shit. Even compared to superheroes that are actually trust fund kids, Wayne and Stark have slaved away countless hour to attain their level of success.




Me too.




What? This criminal is physically assaulting me with his hands, even after I told him not to! I can't compete with that, better pass out.




Dude, you're covering up your eyes. You can't interact closely with people who know you personally.




ZOMG! Who could it be?!? Looks like I can rape my friends now. The perfect crime.



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Silver age, smil-ver age. There's stuff from the 80's and 90's up there. Also, I don't recall Rayner thinking he was invisible because of said mask.


I'll break down why I like Rayner real quick though, instead of just hating on the dopey sack of shit that is Hal Jordan. Dude's an artist. Willpower is definitely a big part of getting that ring to function, but actually doing something cool with it takes creativity. Jordan very rarely moved past constructs that Bugs Bunny would hit Elmer Fudd over the head with.

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Bad constructions are the writer/artist's fault. I remember one where Kyle caught a big chunk of rock by making a gorilla in sunglass and a Hawaiin shirt: what the fuck was that about? In general Hal has been written by a lot more bad writers than Kyle has, however their actual character traits are why Hal is generally more favored. Kyle's a big dopey pile of emo fuck, he is the epitomy of 90s cool: which is to say he sometimes wears a leather jacket and whines about everything, ever. Nick keeps saying I just missed out on the good moments but he's yet to provide issue numbers and all the ones I've read involved him crying about falling in love with some hot alien chick or because he was ridiculously overpowered. The only whining I've heard Hal do were because the entire city he lived in got wiped off the face of the Earth, or because he was manipulated by an alien parasite that caused him to try and erase reality, or because since he wanted to not rely on the ring too much he and his fellow pilots got put in a foreign prison camp and had to fight his way out old fashion style.


From best to worst: John Stewart (though outside of Bruce Timm he's never been properly used by a good writer ever) > Hal Jordan > Guy Gardner > Kyle Rayner (until Nick can prove that Kyle's worth a shit)

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You can't fall back on the writers when talking about stuff like this. "Kyle was only melodramatic because of bad writers. It's not him, it's their fault", see how that shit works? It's endless. As for Kyle whining about his personal life, that's valid. But only if you aren't comparing him to Jordan.




Superman is a pretty chill dude. You know you're a fucking embarrassment to the community when he has to pull you aside and give you a talking-to about getting your shit together.


Hal's character traits are the jock idiot with good intentions. He's been that way pretty consistently for years.

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I like Stewart. I can't fault you on that one. For some of the same reasons I like Kyle. He's an architect, he has a good mind for creation. You shoulda voted for him.


Now that I read back over the thread, I DID vote, but it was on my other profile. And it was kind of a troll vote for Gardner, because he deserved at least one.


My list goes Rayner>Stewart>Gardner>Scott>B'rr>Jordan

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Hal is cool and all but:



Mind you, I'm only a couple years into serious DC reading since I was a Marvel kid growing up, so my opinion might not matter here.




edit: stoopid forum likes to push images over into the margins and create a horizontal scroll. Resized because I'm anal.

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i keep telling myself i should read grant morrison's run (and the earth one stuff), but i've been sleeping on jessica and i assume it's because she was so often paired with simon, who they never really seemed to develop (also are they actually up to like 7 earth/human GLs now? geez)
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