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  • 7 years later...

Yeah, it was a really great and innovative show. A really great balance of comedy and drama, and a great place where a lot of talented young actors got their start, and all the characters feel so genuine and authentic. No one (at least no main characters, but even the minor characters) feels like a TV version of some trope or archetype.


The show really holds up through the end of the season. The final episode has an ending that makes it clear that they found out abruptly they were being canceled, so they wanted to give it a kind of resolution or bookend. This show is up there with Firefly as far as grave injustice in premature cancellation.


Once you're done with it, you can check out Undeclared, Judd Apatow's next TV. It's also a single-camera, no-laugh-track show, but it's half-hour episodes instead of full-hour, it takes place at college, and it's set in the early 2000's, when it was made. However, it does feel like a successor to Freaks and Geeks, though not as great. It carries over Seth Rogan as an actor and a writer, and practically every F&G star has a guest star or recurring role in the show. It's a good show, and it'll satisfy you a little after you're upset that F&G didn't get more episodes, but remember, don't expect it to be as good.


I also recommend Wonderfalls if you're looking for something else good after that. That show was so good they made 13 episodes and canceled it after only airing 4 of them.

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It doesn't. Mostly, the characters are just not as memorable and you don't care about them the way you do with all the kids in Freaks & Geeks. Again, not bad, but F&G is a classic that holds up today, after 14 years of television raising the bar (for context, it debuted the same year as The Sopranos), and Undeclared does not hold up the same way. But if you're hungry for more F&G after you finish it, it's a good show to watch.

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So all of you (Hondonians and non-Hondonians) who said this was great show? You were right. Just watched the first episode, already one of my favourite shows ever. Diving back in now at 05:49 in the morning (it's that good).


So it's three days later, and I'm about to watch the eighteenth and last episode. I'm gonna now crack open a cold one and salute the most criminally canceled before it's time tv series.


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