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You people've got to see the thing; its great. Some of it i dont agree with (like new game genres; Sega tried, dammit, but people bought the same shit)


Yeah and what does he cite as new genres? Sounds like your average point and click adventures, and there may not be a House game, but I did see a CSI game and it looked rubbish.


I don't buy that shit about confusing cutscenes and in the case of Perfect Dark, concept art with in game graphics. Although I will say that with todays graphics it's can get a litle tricky. I know Half life 2 doesn't use any cut scenes, but I was partly suckered in by screenshots and videos that were obviously taken on a top of the range system and showed some crazy good shit that didn't make the final version.


Crates, i don't know about you, but I have never bought anything that came in a crate

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Yeah, i havent been duped for cut-scene vs in-game since Genesis ads. Hey, any graphic guys here that can define the difference between cut-scenes/CG and realtime?


His Nintendo graph made me sad. The stuff on online gaming, sales, patches etc i couldnt agree more with tho, personally.

Oh, and repetition or mindless wandering quests to make short games look longer/difficult is quite rampant, too.

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Yeah, I agree with pretty much all of that (though I don't mind cut-scene screenshots because, hey...I like cut-scenes). Like him, I also really miss adventure games, with good stories, writing, fun interactive levels, and long play time. I think, for gaming, a lot of the novelty is wearing off and it's becoming a lot like Hollywood - studios are making games shorter, and less original, with graphics that catch the eye but nothing of substance behind it. Luckily, like Hollywood, it still has the potential for the occasional bit of greatness. I think, Nick, that despite what happened to Sega in the past, the general game buyers do often reward original genres if it's done well - look at The Sims.


But yes, I'm sick of crates myself. And any level that's set in either a warehouse or a sewer. I don't ever want to have to trek through another damned sewer level ever again.


By the way, I imagine realtime cutscenes are the ones that are rendered on the spot, like the rest of the game. Like the cutscenes in the GTA games. CG cutscenes are the prerendered ones that are separate from the game, like Final Fantasy cutscenes.

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That sounds about right.


While youve got a point with Sims, id argue its a crossover game that chicks dug too, which as that article points out with the DDD cup samuria thong chick, isnt often on consoles.


Sega spent (as i recall) something in the neighborhood of $4 mill on Space Channel 5, a fun Dreamcast title; even advertised it on MTV. Granted, american gamers dont play the PaRappa games as much as the japanese, but it flopped horribly. Same with Shenmue II, even on X-box; CG captures brought droves of people to FF VII, but an extremely well-done, innovative RPG flopped big-time.


Sega wasnt making the same awful moves it did with digital graphics crap on the Sega CD (anyone else ever seen the figures behind the "Make my video, Kriss Kross" or even "Sewer Shark" titles? Nevermind "Ground Zero, Texas" was supposed to be several million, when all you did was shoot, and poorly at that). To me, Dreamcast really tried some innovative shit, from seamonkey simulations to open-ended hong kong adventures, but even when marketed, they were rewarded with big losses.


I think you (and that article) are onto somehting with the hollywood analogy; its just so expensive to make a game with current graphics/sound/marketing/production that the studios seem deathly afraid of banking on anything that's not a sure-shot, hence the flood of GTA clones, Madden's next-year bullshit, etc. Mainstream music, hollywood and now video games, apparently, inevitably end up as Clear Channel models for safe investments, dont they?

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