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Greatest Culture Club (Boy George) Song Ever

What is the Greatest Culture Club (Boy George) Song Ever?  

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If anyone is aware of any Culture Club songs other than Karma Chameleon and Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?, then please inform me so I can add it to the poll, and as a bonus, outting yourself as :gay: might score you some hot ass with some other closet Hondoian, or Jumbie.

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"Kissing to be Clever" is my favorite Culture Club record so I guess I'll go "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me".


See that I actually have a favorite Culture Club album, and no - not 'cause I like the cock. 'Cause I LOVE the cock. Well, mine 'cause the ladies do and I love whatever makes the ladies happy or...aw forget it..I like "Kissing to be Clever" is that so bad?! I also like Husker Du so does that make me gay? I'm at a loss.


Damn it Jax why do you do thinks like this...do you really want to hurt me?




Oh and Boy George hung with the A-Team and they're straight as an arrow.

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