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Did anyone play Frustration? It is the essence of board games. Pop the dice (not roll, that's what makes the game so exciting), and move the counter. The end.




Playing it alone was the most fun of all.


Monopoly kicks ass too though. I win a lot, but only because people fear the alternative.

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Gotta disagree 2T Risk was the game of WORLD DOMINATION I can realte...Frustration sounds like what happens when you ain't been laid in a week, also it looks like TROUBLE...is that like the UK version???

For the record, I never looked like that when i was playing.

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Got any favourites? Don't see much love of 'em here.


I'm enjoying Forbidden Island. You're adventurers trying to get the 4 treasures from an island that's sinking. It's a cooperative game where you work together to get the treasures, and get out again before the island sinks. Very easy to play and great fun.

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So Cranium is a team based game. Each team of two pics one character to move across the board and on each turn you select a category. Each category has the team work together to advance. There's a creative category for mini pictionary style games, a trivia category for multiple choice questions, a grammar category and a performance category for charades style games. It's a party game for sure, but still pretty fun with only a few people.


I wanna play Forbidden Desert too, it's supposed to be in the same vein as FI with a few different rules.

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