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A lotta big news comin from Newsarama, as well as Hondonian Da Cap'n who was present as well!

First, of course, Marvel:


Ultimate Marvel


• In the Ultimate Spider-Man Annual, Spider-Man gets a new girlfriend – someone who has appeared in the series prior, but would be about the last person fans would expect to come back and be a girlfriend.


• In showing the cover of Ultimate Fantastic Four #21, the panelists implied that they weren’t supposed to show the image, which appears to be an Ultimate version of Reed Richards looking at his 616 counterpart through a hi-tech looking glass. No further details were given on the possible story arc, entitled “Crossover.”


• Also, in Mark Millar and Greg Land’s Ultimate Fantastic Four story, the team is sent to stop time-traveling terrorists who have gone back in time, intent on squashing humankind’s distant ancestor just as it crawls out of the ocean.


• Brian K. Vaughn’s upcoming “Magnetic North” arc in Ultimate X-Men will be his last solo arc, and deal with the Ultimate version of Polaris and the return of Magneto. Why “solo,” you may ask? After “Magnetic North,” X-Men director Bryan Singer’s arc will kick off, and Vaughan will co-write it with the director.


• Along the lines of “will we ever see…” questions, in regards to Ultimate Apocalypse, Barber said there will be a good chance before Brian Vaughan is done with his time on the series, implying that the character might show up during his and Singer’s time on the title.


• On the business side of the Ultimate Universe, Dokes confirmed that there will be a corresponding Barnes & Noble edition of an Ultimate X-Men hardcover volume like the Ultimate Spider-Man volume published by B&N. While details were light, the Ultimate Spider-Man version collected the first 39 issues of the series, running 992 pages (and is now currently being remaindered for about $25 at stores).


• In regards to Shang-Chi and Iron Fist, the Ultimate versions of these characters will show up in the “Warriors” arc of Ultimate Spider-Man, beginning in issue #79.


(link for interior art: http://www.newsarama.com/wwphilly05/Marvel.../WWPhilUlt.htm)


Regular "616" Marvel news:


In regards to a reaction to the news that Adam and Andy Kubert, who had been Marvel mainstays for the past 15+ years had signed exclusive contracts with DC, Quesada said that Marvel is very happy fro the brothers, and understood their desire to try something different, adding that they’ll most likely be back someday.


In regards to the Kuberts’ workloads, Andy will complete the first five issue Ultimate Iron Man miniseries, while Adam is drawing an upcoming issue of Incredible Hulk, as well as Daredevil: Target #2 (not a misprint).


• Richard Morgan and Sean Phillips will team for the new Black Widow project, with inks by Bill Seinkiewcz. The first issue is slated for a September release. Regarding the first issue cover image, Quesada commented that, “in this series, DD gets his nads shot off!”


• The Dan Slott-penned She-Hulk series begins in October.


• The backup Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius stories that appeared in issues of Power Pack will be collected shortly, with a new story added in.


• Jessica Jones & Luck Cage’s baby is born in Pulse #11, at which time readers will learn if it’s a boy or a girl.


• The Book of Doom, a six-issue miniseries which tells the origin of Dr. Doom, by Ed Brubaker, Pablo Raimondi and Mark Farmer kicks off in October.


• The Dan Slott written Thing miniseries kicks off in November. Slott, who was in the audience, said that the story is “big fun and action,” suggesting that it will be in the same vibe as his recent Spider-Man/Human Torch miniseries.


• Drax the Destroyer will run for four issues. Editor Andy Schmidt said that they’re not throwing out the character’s past continuity, but they are looking to make Drax cool. Keith Giffen writes, with Mitch Breitweiser on art.


• Runaways #9-#12 features Cloak and Dagger.


• An announcement as to Neil Gaiman’s next Marvel project should be made around Chicago. According to Quesada, it will be set in the Marvel Universe, and will have ties to House of M, adding that it will most likely be a single character story, rather than a team book.


• There will be creator team and character shakeups on the X-titles following House of M.


• An announcement about the new Daredevil creative team will be made soon, meanwhile, Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev are already talking about their next project together.


• Bryan Singer’s Ultimate X-Men arc should be a December or January launch. Quesada confirmed that the director of X-Men and X2 is still on board to write the arc despite his move from the movie franchise to Superman.


• Asked about newsstand distribution and Marvel’s upcoming deal with 7-11, Publisher Dan Buckley said that Marvel will be moving from 5,000 outlets to 25,000 outlets (assumed to be newsstands in general) soon, under a new distribution deal.


• In regards to ‘70s characters, Quesada said in response that Marvel will be publishing an interesting team book in early 2006, and that some ‘70s characters will shortly be seen in interesting situations.


• The Sentry limited series by Paul Jenkins is slated for debut near the end of the year.


• Following his New Avengers and Ultimate Secret stings, Steve McNiven will launch a major new project in 2006.


• In regards to developing new talent and how Marvel is bringing new creators into the fold, Quesada called on ex-Marvel editor CB Cebulski, who pointed out that in 2004, approximately 35 new writers who had never written for Marvel before told stories via the company’s titles. That is a trend Marvel plans to continue throughout 2005 and beyond.


(lots of good art, some spoiler art so be careful: http://www.newsarama.com/wwphilly05/Marvel.../WWPhilCoJ.htm)


(X-Universe news & sketches: http://www.newsarama.com/wwphilly05/Marvel...WWPhilXMen.htm)


(House of M event news http://www.newsarama.com/wwphilly05/Marvel.../WWPhilHoM.htm)




Harvey Pekar’s (who’s signing this weekend at the concurrently held BEA in New York), The Quitter will hit in October, with art by Dean Haspiel. For more, click the link for Newsarama’s interview with Haspiel.


Though a little delayed from its original ship date, Gene Ha has completed Top 10: The 49ers, written by Alan Moore. The story (presented as an OGN, but conceived of as a miniseries) presented the early days of the 10th precinct of Neopolis. The graphic novel is due in stores in July.


As Newsarama reported earlier, September sees the release of Top 10: Beyond The Farthest Precinct, a five issue miniseries by Paul DiFilippo and Jerry Ordway.


Making it a hat trick in terms of returns, Bruce Jones’ previously announced ongoing Deadman series will launch in early 2006 under the Vertigo banner. Re-imagined from the classic Boston Brand version, Jones’ Deadman (drawn by John Watkiss) is pilot Brandon Cayce, who, after a crash that left him DOA at the morgue, finds himself surprisingly “alive” – and a target of men in sunglasses trying to kill him. For more on Deadman, check out our friends at Comic Book Resources.


Mitchell Hundred is forced to leave New York City for the first time since his election in September’s Ex Machina #15.


Yorick finally reaches Australia in Y: The Last Man #37, and begins his search for his long-lost girlfriend.


Wildcats return at Wildstorm with Wildcats: Nemesis, a nine issue miniseries by Robbie Morrison, with art by Talent Caldwell, Horacio Domingues and Matt Banning. The storyline follows a rogue warrior, Charis, as she seeks to avenge a massacre, only to uncover a universe-threatening conspiracy.


Though Revolutions is ending shortly, the Authority returns in September with The Magnificent Kevin in September, by Garth Ennis and Carlos Ezquerra.


Marcia Chen & Joe Benitez’s Wraithborn gets underway with two issues in September.


And, a cover for Brian Azarello & Marcelo Frusin’s Loveless was shown, but alas, no firm release date was given.


Asked about City Lights by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillion, editor Will Dennis said that he has scripts in the drawer on it, but Dillion is busy with other projects currently, and getting back to the daily grind of doing monthly books. It’s coming, but it’s not closer ot being scheduled.


Speaking in regards to the recently cancelled Fallen Angel series by Peter David and David Lopez, when asked, DC’s Bob Wayne said it was considered, but ultimately, couldn’t be made to work. “We understand Peter’s decision to take it to IDW,” Wayne said. While the move had been rumored, this is the first public confirmation from a knowledgeable source.


Finally, DC news, and by that, i mean Bat-news: http://www.newsarama.com/forums/showthread...?threadid=35268


enjoy, and talk!

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I indeed was at the Wizard World in Philly this year (thanks to The Nick for giving me directions to the dammed thing)!! It was really cool! I didn't really feel like waiting in line to see all the "big dogs"! I was just focused on getting the books that I needed and gettin' the hell outta there (I had worked a 12 hour shift prior to going and was tired as hell)!! I WILL be going again next year! Maybe The Nick can come up and join me (yeah right)?!!

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WizardWorld '05: Texas


This past weekend marked the last stop on the “Wizard World Tour” for 2005, as Wizard World Texas rolled into the Arlington Convention Center. Attendance was a bit sparse on Friday and Sunday, but picked up Saturday, as people were no doubt drawn in by appearances by Sean Astin, Margot Kidder and Ron Perlman.


And while Marvel and DC had multiple panels during the con, they mostly focused on projects that had already been announced earlier in the convention season. Both companies did let a few new tidbits slip out, though.


On the Marvel side, Associate Editor Nick Lowe gave “The Lowedown” on several projects:


• In the tradition of their “King” teaser, Lowe flashed up an image featuring a plethora of Marvel characters under the words, "Whose side are you on?" but said coyly that he was only allowed to show it for a few seconds. He didn’t offer any other details on the project. Newsarama Note: Look for the revelation of what this refers to later today on Newsarama.


• Lowe also showed artwork from Ultimate Wolverine vs. Ultimate Hulk by Lenil Francis Yu, which showed the Hulk ripping Wolverine in half. The mini-series is written by Lost's Damon Lindelof.




...how the fuck?!


• Lowe said a fairly major character will die in X-Men: Deadly Genesis.


• The Illuminati, the group made up of Reed Richards, Namor, Black Bolt and others, will play a role in the upcoming Planet Hulk crossover event.


• Apocalypse returns to the X-universe next year, both in the pages of X-Men and in an Apocalypse vs. Dracula title written by Frank Tieri and drawn by Clayton Henry, with covers by Jae Lee.

(honestly? fuck Tieri.


• Another Defenders run by Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMattis and Kevin Maguire is in the works.


• Pascal Ferry has signed an exclusive contract to Marvel. Ferry is working with Orson Scott Card on the second Ultimate Iron Man miniseries, which is due next summer.


• A fan asked about the recent placement of ads in Marvel comics, particularly the placement of the Honda Civic ad at the front of many comics over the last couple of months. Lowe said that those who work on the editorial side weren't happy with the placement of that particular ad either, and they were working to push ads to the back of the books.


• Lowe said that Kevin Smith is now working on finishing Daredevil:The Target, since Spider-Man/Black Cat is finally done. Lowe, who is associate editor for that project, said it has been an "albatross around my neck" since it fell behind schedule.


• Lowe shared the cover to Astonishing X-Men #13 during his presentation, adding that the last page of Astonishing #12 is a major hint as to what will be seen in the coming issues, that is, a reunion of the classic Hellfire Club.


Con attendee Bryan Hitch said Saturday he has signed an extension to his exclusive deal with Marvel, keeping him with the company until 2009. The artist added that his next major work will be in the Marvel Universe proper, rather than the Ultimate universe. Hitch participated in a panel previewing the Ultimate Avengers animated DVD, which featured the Ultimates fighting the Hulk. Two Avengers DVDs, due early next year, will be followed by animated Iron Man and Dr. Strange DVDs.


In other Marvel news, Peter David announced on Sunday that he would write a five-issue Wonder Man limited series in 2006. While signing comics, Peter David commented that he had just finished the 10th chapter of Spider-Man: The Other, and said while his first three issues were more about the set up and character building, the 10th chapter was full of action and would "knock over the apple cart."


On the DC side, Bob Wayne, VP of Sales, and Dan Didio Senior Vice President, Executive Editor, DC Universe were a lot more coy about DC's 2006. Before panels on Friday and Saturday, they said up front that they wouldn't be revealing anything about who lives or who dies in Infinite Crisis. Every time they discussed a character, they threw out the caveat "if they are still around after Infinite Crisis." Flash, of course, took the brunt of these jokes.


This didn’t stop fans from asking those questions, and some even tried to bribe the panelists with Budweiser (beer was readily available at the convention). Didio, who found a few bottles waiting for him on stage at Saturday’s panel, joked that he would happily reveal any Infinite Crisis plot points to whoever gave them to him. Alas, that didn’t happen; perhaps if they’d gone with Shiner Bock …


Some DC tidbits, which were few and far between, included:


• Wayne said that an announcement about Absolute Sandman was forthcoming this week. "Try to be surprised," he joked.


• Marv Wolfman will co-write a coupe of issues of Teen Titans with Geoff Johns, as well as 2006’s Teen Titans Annual. As mentioned by Geoff Johns in his Newsarama Q&A, Captain Carrot is also slated to appear in Titans.


• 52, the tentatively titled weekly comic between Infinite Crisis and One Year Later…, will launch in May. Wayne said the price point for the series remains to be announced; Didio said he wasn't even sure what it would be, but he did add that the four writers on the series -- Greg Rucka, Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison and Mark Waid -- were all literally writing every issue together, rather than rotating each issue. He also started to reveal something about the back-up stories planned for each issue until Wayne stopped him.


• New volumes in the Showcase format will include Justice League of America, Green Arrow and House of Mystery.


• When asked about the recent Stephen King announcement by Marvel, Didio and Wayne said they were both fans of King and each shared stories of meeting him. Didio said that projects of this nature brought more attention to comics, which was “good for the overall industry."


While neither Marvel nor DC had booths, several Dallas-based independent comic companies, like Viper Comics and Beckett Comics, had a decent presence at the con. Jeff Amano of Beckett shared with fans images from their next project, Gepetto's Monster. In the Beckett tradition of combining fairy tales with different genres, the book will combine the stories of Pinocchio and Frankenstein. Viper, meanwhile, had flyers teasing a new title called Villains coming out in 2006.


Aspen Comics, meanwhile, came out in full force, with the line to meet Michael Turner stretching out of the convention hall all day Saturday. During a panel that afternoon, Turner outlined his schedule for the coming year. He’s finishing the final six issues of Soulfire, followed by his Marvel project in 2006. Turner also said he will write a new Aspen series that's due next summer, with art by Micah Gunner.


“Thanks to all who stuck with me through the surgeries and radiation,” Turner said. “We’re hoping to get back on track.”

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