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Army of Darkness is completely different than the first one. I havent seen the second one, well Ive seen parts of it, but I dont remember a lot of it. I personally didnt really care for the first Evil Dead. I thought it was kind of boring and not funny at all, except from the cheesy aspect so I can see why someone wouldnt like it. Army of Darkness however is genius and everyone should see it at least once.

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The first Evil Dead was intended (mostly) as a serious horror and it's got some serious spooky sections, or at least when I first saw it, it freaked me out. All of that is ruined* when you put on Bruce Campbell's commentary track.


*in the best possible way.

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So is it worth watching with the commentary on? If its tons better then I might watch it, I do love me some Bruce Campbell

I remember it being pretty funny, he points out every bit of shitty effects, and warns himself when Ash is about to go into darkened rooms.

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