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OK gang...


1967 Mustang. Automatic, dual exhaust, 4 barrel, 289 engine, needs work done to it... but is in soso/decent condition. Has a rebuilt engine with 30k miles on it.



4 grand.



I want to fix the engine up to make it every day-able, and then dump about 2-3 grand in cosmetics. It would be a fairly decent show car. this would take me a good year or 2 to get looking eye candy-ish, and will take me about 4 to 5 years to look hot damn'ish.


any opinions, thoughts, ideas, sexual favors to offer?

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damn man, that sounds bad...any pics?


Also, what kinda work specifically does it need, how much you think you gotta throw at it off the bat? Cause for 4k, with only 30k miles on it, im thinkin "whats wrong with it?"...


ps into sports this goes.

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Well, it needs new tires and brakes (been sittin' far too long) and needs a new cylinoide (starter part) and once those get slapped in there, it will be driveable.


As far as getting it worked up to be a mean machine...


It needs new window lining, it seals fine, but needs new to look sharper

needs front and rear bumpers wooled down then polished (chrome)

needs to be repainted (2 rust spots and 2 dents to be fixed in process)

needs new bucket seats or at least lining

possibly needs new flooring and dash, I will have to look at it closer when I go to make the offer.


It has dual exhaust and aluminum wheels with the 3 spokes that stick out, pretty beefy looking. Its a standard and not a fastbeack, but I can look past that.


The body is on semi decent shape, but I am not worried about that because it is gold now, and I am going to get it painted acrylic jet black. Can you give me a Tim Allen argh argh arghhhh!


If I drop enough in it to make it run smoothly, (estimated that it will only run me just under a grand, which is doable) then slowly comsetically fix it up, it should be in show car condition within 5 to 6 years. I will have the engine block wooled and polished / steam cleaned and then will go from there to tweak it up for speed. It has headers on it already so thats good.


It will be a mean machine within a few years, adn it will look nice within 1 year. I will def take before and after pics if I buy it.

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