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We might already have a thread like this, but I just wanted to go ahead and make it anyways!! Also since the "Reviews" one is doin' so good it was only natural!!


At my comic store, I'm given a Previews Book once a month, FREE, so that they make sure I continue to spend money week after week!! Ingenious plan, cause it works!! The damn thing keeps me broke so I thought I'd share the wealth (thats an oximoron, isn't it)!! In this thread I will preview ONLY the issues that catch my eye! Then when I buy them and they're crappy, I can bitch about them on the OTHER thread!! Get it? ONLY PREVIEWS!! NOT REVIEWS!! Ok, lets get started...


Marvel Knights Ghost Rider: Holy shit, this book looks awesome!! Written by Ennis and art by Clayton Crain (that awesome painter from Venon/Carnage), this book is at the top of my list!! I've always loved GR, but his stories where always crap!! With Ennis on him, I know he'll make him badass!! The only thing that I wish was that it was a Max book!!


Marvel Knights Daredevil VS Punisher: I hope this turns out good... it already has sooo much potential with a title like that alone! I like the "Team-Up", cause It bothers me a little that the two have thier own shit goin' on, but don't make many appearences along side other Marvel U. characters anymore! Don't get me wrong, thier respected books are great, but I'm just a fanboy that wants secret wars to be in space again!! Written and penciled by David Lapham!


The Sentry: I was one of those guys that didn't jump on to The Sentry back when they where doin' his early stuff! I'm just curious to see how this guy ticks! The fact that Romita Jr. is doing the pencils helps! Written by Paul Jenkins!


Mega Morphs: I might be regreting this, but I'm actualy curious about this one! Who wouldn't be curious of Spider-Man, Wolverine, Ghost Rider, Hulk and Captain America piloting thier own combat mechas designed in thier image? *Sigh* Sorry Solara... Written by Sean McKeever! Art by Lou Kang? And I thought he was doing so good with his Mortal Kombat gig!


Ok, some non-Marvel...


Zombie-Sama: (Nick, you're gonna love this one...) Here, I'll just quote the book... "Twenty-something slacker Jim Okami's day couldn't get any worse... until the world started being eaten by biologically infected zombies. Outfitted with a sushi master's beloved cash register katana, and chain mail armor lifted from a local scuba shop, Jim Okami is reborn as Zombie-Sama! See as he sets out on a quest to save one small town from the flesh eating freaks!"


It's Shawn of the Dead with Samurai's!! This shit sounds SO AWESOME!!! You can't tell me that don't sound cool?!! On Crusade Comics!!


I guess thats it for now... I'll check back in with new Previews in a month!

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Damn, i miss free Preview guides, shops in Texas did that too....you need to talk to Mike when you get back man!


With Ennis on him, I know he'll make him badass!! The only thing that I wish was that it was a Max book!!


Im hyped too, if that other guy draws symbiotes so well, im sure he'll handle flaming skulls. I too wish this was Max, but if Ennis didnt push for it, it means he can tell it without that. Plus, the movie hype prolly kept this from Max-land.


DD vs Punisher - a whole mini? 'S been some good fights, we'll see...i barely wanna see anyone but Ennis write Punisher these days, seriously. Lapham's known for Stray Bullets, but im not a fan.


Ill try to find you the earlier Sentry book, it was good. That and Inhumans are some early MK maxis you gotta read.


...i think you sold me on Zombie-sama too man. :D I'll check online previews and post back when i think i see things worth hyping, cool thread.

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Go eat a Cornacopia of Rotten Assholes Adam!!


Previews is back this month and I got a few to post:


Friendly Neiborhood Spider-Man: ANY new Spidey title automatically makes it on my subscriptions list! The fact that Peter David and Mike Wieringo are on it can only be promising!! "The Other" crossover can't hurt either...


Nick Fury's Howling Commandos: Warwolf, Living Mummy, Frankenstein, Zombie and Vampire by Night join S.H.I.E.L.D.'s "Howling" Commandos! Come on, you gotta admit... that sounds cool!!!!


Fear Agent: My buddy at the comic store put a preview copy of this book in my box a couple of weeks back so I'm gonna give a try! Sci-fi stuff... we'll see how it turns out! Hey, Tony Moore (Battle Pope, Walking Dead) is doing the art!! It can't be that bad...


Well, I guess thats it for this month (weak month)!

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