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Besides just talking about one of rap's finest, i figured some folks need to hear what's going on with his now re-opened murder case....it's gettin worse by the minute. Sohh.com...


Judge Calls Official Mistrial In The Notorious BIG Murder Trial Today

Thursday - July 7, 2005

by Carl Chery


Today, U.S. District Judge Florence-Marie Cooper will declare a mistrial in The Notorious B.I.G.'s wrongful death lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles.


Cooper reached her decision after a hearing Tuesday, revealing that the LAPD might have purposely withheld evidence. According to the New York Post, attorneys on the defense and plaintiff sides have confirmed the decision and a written order is to be issued today. There has only been three days of testimony in the trial since its beginning June 21st. The trial was halted when an anonymous tip revealed that several LAPD records had not been turned over to the Wallace family's legal team.



After the anonymous phone call, Deputy City Attorney Don Vincent said he found a report and a taped interview of police informant, Kenny Boagni, late on June 24th. On the video made 5 years ago, Kenny B claims convicted cop Rafael Perez admitted he and another cop, David Mack, worked security for Suge Knight's Death Row Records. Perez also allegedly confessed that he and Mack were at the same industry party on March 9, 1997 where Biggie Smalls was murdered. "Perez said he worked security ... he had a cell phone ... he called Mack on his cell phone and told him that Biggie Smalls was in his truck," the informant told cops.


Biggie was murdered on March 9, 1997 after attending a music industry party in Los Angeles. The family's suit against the city alleges that then corrupt cop David A. Mack and Marion "Suge" Knight orchestrated the rapper's murder and that top ranked LAPD officials covered up their actions.


Word is the Wallace family's lawyers, who were demanding either a mistrial or default, intend to re-file the suit with new accusations against the LAPD and Mack's former partner Rafael Perez. The city of Los Angeles had requested that the judge proceed with the trial, contending that the new information was mostly based on hearsay. Yesterday, Assistant City Attorney Don Vincent said he still hopes "to try the case on the merits."


According to family lawyer Perry Sanders Jr., Big's mother, Volleta Wallace and his widow, Faith Evans don't want to go through a second trial, but will oblige if necessary. Sanders added that the suit would now look into a corruption scandal in the LAPD's Rampart division that took place in the 1990s.


"We're about to get to the bottom of Rampart," Sanders said. "We're about to peel the onion back to its rotten core."


Death Row and Biggie's recording home, Bad Boy Entertainment were at the center of an East Coast, West Coast rap war at the time of Biggie's death. Tupac Shakur, Death Row's top artist, was killed in Las Vegas, Nevada six months prior to Big being gunned down. Pac's murder also remains unsolved. The rivalry between the two labels was the focus of the Wallace suit. The suit sought unspecified damages. All evidence presented during the trial was circumstantial because witnesses only linked Mack to Death Row at events.

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I dunno, man..trying the crips, crooked LA cops and Suge Knight to BIG's death...there's been theories since it went down, but the LAPDs lookin worse than usual here, tryin to hide evidence & such, if what im readin is true.

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The other day I watched a little peice of this Tupac and Biggie documentary named "2pac and Biggie" that was good as hell! It was real insightful and made lots a sense! It was narrated by some British guy! I thought that was weird!

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BBC is trying to change it's public image. Like when they requested the Marley family an interview with Bob Marley.... 20 years too late!


Anyways yeah I know that the whole story had a lot of theories, which upset me that it was open and close. And glad to see it get the attention it was neglected so long ago.

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