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Over at the Gelatometti group blog (maintained byb the likes of Jim Lee, Ale Garza, Richard Friend and loads of friends) a tradtion has grown, that of Iron Chef.


Hey, they never said it was an original tradition.


Much like the Food Network challenge, the contest requires two artists to draw a picture in an allotted time period. Once done, the pictures will be scanned, uploaded to the site, and then…the voting.


The challengers have been named, the pepper has been bitten…from a posting by Jim Lee…


"The mystery challenger Ale set up for my first Iron Chef contest is none other than fan-fave artist Jeff Scott Campbell!


Many of you may know that Jeff was one of the first artists WildStorm (then called Homage Studios) brought into the biz years ago. Jeff's work was already very accomplished when he came to the studio at the tender age of 19 but we were all the more amazed at how quickly he learned and developed artistically.


Before you knew it, he was grabbing pebbles out of all the master's hands faster than you could say "Dated pop culture reference!" and soon he was taking the comic book world by storm with his very first series--Gen 13. Then he followed up that with his Cliffhanger sophomore smash--Danger Girl and now has a new title coming out this summer from WildStorm called Wildsiderz which he is working on with his frequent co-collaborator writer Andy Hartnell.


Hit your local comic book shop to grab a copy of Wildsiderz #0 and look out for his dynamite first issue shipping August 3rd--dazzling work! For an awesome, informative interview--scope out this link at Newsarama.


Here is a recap of the "rules." The contest will start at 4pm PST. We will each have an hour in real time to draw the same character. We will then scan in our pieces and post them to the blog (~5:30 pm PST) so you all can vote who had done a better job.


Winner gets a slap on the back and bragging rights. Loser has to deal with the realization that they have a job no one in the Real World really understands nor appreciates and that life is cruel and unfair and that we spent way too much time hanging out with Alex Garner without anything to show for it and that they really should have chosen to be a rock star or a professional athlete where you get your money for nothing and your chicks for free (dated pop culture reference two!).


The real winner tho is the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF.ORG who gets both pieces of original art from Jeff and me to auction off in the future to supplement their warchest. In fact, ALL the art created in these lighthearted events has been donated to the CBLDF and I will post more info later as to how you all can try to acquire them. Trust me, the money that will be raised really is for a great and much needed cause.


As for what Jeff and I will be drawing...it's up to you guys. Post below suggestions but unlike past events, please, please make your ideas as mainstream and 'commercial' as possible. Jeff and I are really looking forward to raising as much money for the CBLDF as possible and while drawing Hellboy's daughter may be cute, the demand for that kind of thing will be a lot less than say a nice shot of Wonder Woman or Batman or Wolverine or Fairchild, etc. Both Jeff and I will talking on the phone before we start and picking the best suggestion posted below. So go to it!"

Click here to join the voting for the image, and later, the voting on the image.

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