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Nearly caught up at vol 34. Even when it gets to moving slow the writing can get really good. I'm surprised how much I'll hate certain characters only to have that thrown in my face and end up kind of loving them. Serpico is a good example. I also really like the Bakiraka assassin guys. Hoping they join up with Guts' Anti Band of the Hawk.

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Somebody should kick my lazy ass in order to make me do the things i promise... So, its been a while since i last wrote something about the influences Miura used to create Berserk. Today lets learn ab

damn, you're not far from caught up at all, man! Fantasia arc was whatever, hoping for big things as we finally hit puck's island one day



doesn't it kinda feel crazy that you've almost caught up on a decades-long book that still hasn't really seen Guts handle a single one of the godhand though


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Im a little worried about that, yeah... Especially after reading a Miura interview and the motherfucker just seems so casual with it all.

The one I read was from like 2015 and he said that the relationship between Guts and Griffith is just getting started. WTF WAS THE GOLDEN AGE STUFF KENTARBRO?!



But yeah nearly there and am gonna be with you guys patiently waiting on the next volume. No end in sight, but at least it is still going, still good and seemingly progressing.

That world transformation with monster Ganishka was pretty great. Really hammered home that hey, Griffith doesn't give a fuck. Got that kingdom tho.



Pirate and lovecraft fishy time!

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Just got done with Rickert's meeting with Griffith and his escape from Falconia. Finally glad to be done with the mermaid stuff. Kind of my low point there. Still that Rickert slap was satisfying. At least someone managed to land a blow on a Godhand...



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HUGE SPOILERS IF YOU'RE NOT CAUGHT UP (im a few volumes behind myself but had to know)





they reached Elfhelm & after a healing sleep (apparently Farnese & Schierke had to enter her mind to restore/heal her), Caska's back!


that only took 21 years, goddamn




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Dark Horse Announces Hardcover Edition of the Berserk Manga Coming Feb 2019



hoo boy...might be time to upgrade (the few volumes i do have)

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Here's that sourcebook I mentioned earlier:




Berserk has conquered the worlds of manga and anime, and now comes the essential roadmap to the sprawling Berserk universe, exploring the characters, creatures, settings, and stories of Berserk's first 38 volumes. Profusely illustrated and including never-before-seen art (including an eight-page color section) and author notes by Kentaro Miura, the Official Guidebook is a comprehensive tour through the epic adventure, shocking horror, and graveyard humor that can be only Berserk!

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so Miura was doing an interview about his upcoming book Dhuranki and we got a few details about Berserk from it:


- For Berserk, he draws all the characters and background. Assistants are only in charge of tones, buildings, background soldiers or far-off scenery. Recently he started having them draw the ground too.

- He is usually fast with storyboarding, so he doesn't think this new series will affect Berserk production. Main bottleneck is the art, because he tries to draw everything by himself.

- He hopes to use Duranki as an opportunity to improve his assistants' skills so that he will be more comfortable offloading more of Berserk work to his assistants too. Potentially speeding up Berserk releases.


- His manga production is now fully digital. Made the switch around 2015 when Rakshas revealed his true identity.

- He knows he has an unhealthy obsessed with drawing every little details. Believes it's simply because he loves the old, "Baroque Period" of manga like Akira and Fist of the North Star that had really dense and detailed art.

- Quite happy with using digital to draw. He gets to zoom into stuff and obsess over each little pixel. His editor tries to stop him whenever he goes that far.

- Never felt bored making Berserk. Always tries to do new themes. Making manga is fun.

- Berserk is currently in the later stages of its overall story. Lot of shocking things coming up after the current arc.

And a pic of his setup:



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