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Sony Online developing fee-free MMO

Charging for additional content, like new levels and weapons, to make up for lack of any subscription revenue.


People are willing to pay big money for a little extra content in their games. That seems to be one of the lessons Sony has taken away from its Station Exchange auction site, where in its first month, EverQuest II players racked up $180,000 in transactions of virtual goods from the game.


Sony Online Entertainment is so convinced that players of massively multiplayer online games will shell out money for extra content, in-game items, new levels, and expansions that it is developing a subscription-free MMOG. According to a Dow Jones wire report, Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley kicked off this year's Austin Game Conference with a keynote speech where he announced that the company's next game will make money not through subscriptions, but through the sale of optional add-ons for the game, like extra weapons or new areas to explore. Smedley didn't announce a name for the game, but he did say the company is "going to be launching this quickly."


While subscription-free MMOGs are rare, Sony Online's effort won't be the first. ArenaNet's Guild Wars has successfully bucked the subscription trend, charging only for the base game and enlisting more than a million players since April. ArenaNet will soon sell additional chapters to the game that compile new skills, areas, abilities, and professions.


Sony Online's other MMOGs, all subscription-based, include EverQuest, Star Wars Galaxies, The Matrix Online, and PlanetSide.

By Staff -- GameSpot

Posted Oct 31, 2005 2:37 pm PT    from...


Interesting developments for the genere. I was actually in a discussion that as great as Xbox live may be, paying a suscription to a ISP, xbl, and a game suscription, is piling up way too high.

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I think I'll actually take a break from WoW. My choice of playing on a PvP server solo is really fustrating me now that I'm 33 and looking for a place where I can reasonably quest and level w/o getting ganked. I have to kill like 11 of somekind of mob near an alliance camp for a quest, it's two days later and I'm up to 5 kills, lol. Desolace, 1000 Needles, South Shore, Alterac, Arathi, all the same. And I actually considered moving my character on top of that lol. Anyways, here's to my week long break :wolvy:

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A conversation started with some friends while discussing Square-Enix'sFinal Fantasy XI release coming for the XB360. Now, I don't know what plans Blizzard has with thier warcraft/starcraft franchises, but we started talking about different elements we would like to see in a future roleplay game worthy of next generation systems. So far we agreed on the following:


1) It can't suck (obviously :p)

2) Online support; possibly by means of a locked and/or guarded gate preventing passage to an area if online access is not availible.

3) Character growth and development (hairstyles, tattoos, scars)

4) regular updates and maintenance

5) a target lock feature :)

6) GUNZ AND SWORDZ!!!11 (my main suggestion :P)


So anyways, anyone think this sounds good or is missing something please feel free to drop a line! I plan to write up a more organized letter to the good folks at Lionshead Studios and see what they have to say about it :yup:

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World Of Warcraft Junkie Here I have 3 lvl 60's on firetree i have a tauren hunter an undead shadow priest and a power lvled 60 rogue (just for farming gold)


Been running molten core and Blackwing lair for about 6 weeks now still havnt taken nefarious yet but still trying


Ragnaros is awsome to fight just hope to get more fire resist before next run


have fun guys

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