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Comic Book based Arcade Games


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I had a flashback today.


How many old school arcade games can you remember that were based on comic books?


Remember this one?


Captain America & The Avengers

This game was fun as hell in the arcade and had a terrible translation onto SuperNES. Of course, it had Iron Man, so I was happy.


Or howabout this one?



The graphics were pretty cool and it was neat beating up on Venom and Scorpion & Electro.



The Punisher

This one let you play as Nick Fury or Frank, guns blazing & grenade dropping. At the end you got your ass beat by a huge Kingpin.


Remember this one?



This was a side-scroller that put Superman (and his oddly colored clone 2p) against some weird aliens taking over the world.


Any other cool ones you remember?

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Man, i loved the Punisher/Fury one. Classic capcom beat-em-up goodness, and my favorite bit was Frank & Fury swimming in an underground line to reach Kingpin's headquarters, Frank asks if Nick is worried, and Fury says "yeah but only cause i cant smoke down here."


Cap & The Avengers was cool too, but i remember panch & donut got it for SNES ( and yeah, that shit was awful!


I dont recall Spidey, was it the one with him & The X-Men vs Acrade?


Also, Taito Superman was great, i just got confused on the levels where he didnt fly, like her forgot how.


I need pics of Konami's badass 4+p X-men game.

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The Spider-man one was similar to Cap & The Avengers. You played as Spiderman, Namor, Black Cat or Hawkeye and the game went from simple side-scrolling to zoomed-out rooftop fights. The game was pretty difficult.


That 6-player X-Men game was great. But... Dazzler?! :pinch:

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