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OK, so here's a thread where you post what artist/band you'd like to hear cover what song. In this thread, you are not bound by time or logic. You can have artists coving songs that were first written years after they died. So feel free to say you'll like to hear Jimi Handrix perform Eruption, or the Doors (with Morrison) perform Come As You Are. Also, you can have artists covering songs they'd never in there right minds perform. Feel free to have the Beach Boys perform Du Hast, or Coldplay perform the title theme to Gillian's Island. Also, if you'd like to hear a song in a specific style (ska, doo-wop, folk, etc), that's cool too.


The idea for this thread came from imagine The Beach Boys perform Du Hast. More plausibly, I'd like to hear Me First and the Gimme Gimmes cover Daydream Believer.

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I just got to thinking of a bunch of Depeche Mode covers I'd like to hear:


Personal Jesus by Elvis

Everything Counts by Queen

Enjoy The Silence by Nirvana

Strangelove by System Of A Down

Black Celebration by Lamb

Barrel Of A Gun by Rage Against The Machine

New Dress by Les Rhythms Digitales (get Nick Kershaw on vocals again)

Walking In My Shoes by Kate Bush

In Your Room by At The Drive-In

A Question Of Time by Queens Of The Stone Age (with Grohl drumming the fuck out of it!)

Never Let Me Down Me Again by Matt Berry (in full AD/BC style!)

It's No Good by Fun Lovin Criminals

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