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Evil Dead Regeneration


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I love horror movies and games like there was no tomorrow. Campy or not, Resident Evil to Cold Fear I own most of them. This though being a HUGE Raimi fan, Evil Dead Fan and video game fanatic has me nuts though!


For X Box and PS2

Evil Dead Regeneration

Ash, the lone survivor of a camp discovering the Necronomicon - the wholly evil book of the dead. Thought to have murdered his companions, Ash is arrested, convicted of the crime, and sentenced to Sunny Meadows, an institute for the criminally insane, but not for long. Ash's peaceful stay is about to end - thanks to the perverted experiments of his very own psychiatrist, Dr. Reinhard. Hell-bent on using science to harness the Necronomicon's powers, the mad doctor unleashes the book's all-powerful Evil on the world - releasing a new slew of Deadites, monsters and spirits, twisting reality into a hellish strudel and leaving mankind with that not-so-fresh apocalyptic feeling



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Hah...i love survival horror games, but the last Evil Dead game didnt go so well, did it? If this one reviews better, I'll check it out tho.

On a side-note, i wonder if they won that supposed lawsuit back in the day against Duke Nukem for the obvious ripoffs?

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If you were burned on the first Evil Dead game, forget it and give this second game a try. I am sure you will enjoy it. If you hated State of Emergency than rent Evil Dead: Fistful of Boomstick, because this game blows State of Emergency out of the water! If you are a fan of the Evil Dead Trilogy, you MUST own this title!


It scored a Final Score: 90 out of 100 on a few sites in video game rankings...



This one, Regeneration is the third Evil dead Game...



The game takes the series back to it's roots as well. The demo at E3 took Ash back to the Professor Knowby's cabin in the woods. Some of the scenes look like they are taken straight out of Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn. There was a cut-scene of the Evil Force running through the woods and going through the cabin (end of Evil Dead, start of Evil Dead 2) and I just had a huge smile on my face watching the trailer.


I am a die-hard horror and gore fan. Evil Dead is among one of my favorite horror flicks of all time, and just seeing this game in motion, and seeing all of the little details from the first two Evil Dead games just gave me a chill. All of the little details of the cabin (the lamp, clock, deer head, etc...) are here. Ash is shooting and hacking up Deadites. The actual Deadite designs are much like those from Evil Dead 2 (white eyes and all). Ash cuts off limbs, and they still come at you squirting blood everywhere.


You will also have some nice surprises (remember the fruit cellar door on the floor). Ash even pulls off some wicked finishing moves. I won't tell you guys much more because you just have to see it to believe it. I will tell you this though. You can become Evil Ash (white eyes and all), just like in Evil Dead 2 according to online game reviews...



Thanks for shopping S- Mart !!! wOOOOOOOOt!



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