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Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit


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Just thought I would put a cool upcoming game out here and kinda plug it because it just looks amazing. It's called indigo prophecy and it is probably one of the coolest concepts I have heard for a game in a while.


Basic story is that you are a IT guy named Lucas Kane, one day you murder a man in the bathroom of a New York diner. Thing is you have no idea as to why. Afterwards you need to find a way to get out, and from then on you are on the run from the cops.


While Lucas is searching for the reasons he killed this guy, you are also playing the role of the cops who are investigating the murder, and any evidence you leave behind as Lucas is there for them to find. Basically one set of actions affects others, and the game has a chice in how you deal with the situation. The waitress at the diner will remember you better if you were covered in blood when you ran out the back door, but if you clean yourself up and get out quitely, it will be harder for the cops to find you. The decisions that are made through the game affect things howrs later. It looks pretty damn cool.


The creator said he was influenced by movies like Se7en and Fight Club, along with things like multiple camera angles like 24. The demo is out and the game is looking mighty fine, I pre-ordered mine already.


Just curious if anyone else has heard of this game and what your thoughs were.







As to why I also mentioned Fahrenheit, well that's the name of it in Europe, and out British friends on this board get this game a few days early and uncensored to boot, (Some sex scenes had to be cut due to the ESRB being pansies), I preordered a Euro PC copy, so I'm set though.


Oh yeah, the game is coming out for PC, Xbox, and PS2, though the PC requirements are not too bad.


You can get a demo of the game at:http://www.atari.com/indigo/

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Damn, that does sound pertty cool, bishop. The evidence factor alone sounds innovative.

I ever get a PS2 back, or a 3 down the road, this might be added to the short list of games to backtrack on....god knows the others didnt review well (Suikoden IV, Way of the Samurai II, etc).

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Well, depending on your PC you might be able to play it, the requirements are very low to play the damn thing, hell even 4-5 year old rigs might be able to run it.



Operating System: Windows® 98SE/Me/2000/XP

Processor: Pentium® III 800 MHz or faster

Memory: 256 MB RAM

Hard Disk Space: 510 MB Free

Video: 32 MB Hardware T&L-compatible video card*

Sound: Windows® 98SE/Me/2000/XP-compatible sound card

DirectX®: DirectX® version 9.0c (included) or higher

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Sure, though it may be coming on a DVD Rom (not certain), so that might hold ya up, if not there might be someway to get a burn to ya or something.


On a completely different note, Grim Fandango fucking rocks!


(If not well, a DVD-Rom costs what? 15 bucks nowadays, hell I could lend you one I have.)

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Man, i miss point-and-click adventures. Never got far in Fandango, but i adored Maniac Mansion on NES, Moneky Island, Sam & Max etc.


Oh, i gots a DVD ROM, dont worry - my Radio Shack Tandy 8000 TM was the last of its kind, featuring DVD and 15 megs of raw VGA power!

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Yeah, the cool shit is I can play monkey island on my PSP, I love ScummVM! That is part of what has me so psyched for this game though, it seems to be the successor to the adventure games of old, so I hope it sells like fucking hotcakes.


As to your computer, ROCK!!!!!!!!! I thought VGA power had to me measured in even numbers.

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Well, got the game yesterday and couldn't put it down. Like many adventure games it is short but it doesn't really slow down. The controls are adequate, but it you like story based games at all pick this shit up. I may do a more in depth review later, gonna try to get some other endings.


Oh on a seperate note, the soundtracdk to this game is awesome, it uses liscenced tracks well, and the original stuff is great as well.

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So, im finally playing this one now, after Bishop's high reviews, and im really impressed.


The PS2 version isnt as sharp, and lacks titties, but everything Bish said was spot-on: the plot, even the soundtrack's great.



-While its easy to want to advance Lucas' story and fuck around when youre in control of the cops, the game makes it more fun to think like a criminal when youre one, and like an investigator when youre the other, so it doesnt feel as awkward as i thought working against myself'd be.

-I'm only a few hours in, and the plot's really shaping up to be something different....if youre into occult mystery shit (and who isnt?), you gotta check this out.

-If you enjoyed Shenmue nearly as much as i did, this will knock your socks off. The controls are similar (action events with the flashing Dragon's Lair simon says demands), and environments do seem to be alive around you.

-Its just a strong effort overall: soundtrack and all.



-The controls are killing me sometimes, literally.

My character seems to want to continue running in a direction i dont want anymore, and it takes work sometimes to stop that. Worse yet (during timed events), i have to slowly, sometimes awkwardly walk into an area like a kitchen to open a specific drawer and not the others; its frustrating, especially when in a hurry, to keep moving around slowly cause you just missed the icon you need to push to get what you ant.

-I can apprecaite some quests to make the game seem longer, and i know its well intended, i just get a bit frustrated when there's serious shit in the plot that i wanna follow up on, but im spending 20+ minutes with teh cop's goofball partner playing basketball, i just want it over so i can get back to the story. Its prolly not a major complaint, i know the engine in this game encourages such minigames, but too many forced ones to make the game seem longer will eventually get to me.



Otherwise, this is a highly cinematic and interesting game that's really trying for something unique here, and so far, it hink its pulling it off really well. Anyone into quality PS2 titles, especially horror and such, needs to check this one out.

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It really is Ly, for the complaints i listed, its still damn interesting, its just a thing of if youre ok with the control setup, cause the plot is what keeps you in when the commands get too long and tricky, personally...seriously man, give it a rental at least, see what you think, i think its really worth a play through.

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Glad you finally got around to this one. Great friggen game, even though it has some definite faults. I thought it was particularly adept at setting a mood. And as I think I have said before the soundtrack rocks. Especially 'Sandpaper Kisses' the song that plays in Carla's apt.

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