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Xenosaga 3 announced for PS2!


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Taken from gamesarefun.com


These aren't quite scans if you couldn't already tell, but they'll have to do until better versions come along. First some details on Xenosaga III: Thus Spoke Zaratharus:


· The series will be concluded with this title

· The same cast from previous titles returns

· A new character illustrator will be providing the art, as you can see from the pictures

· The plot takes place one year after Xenosaga II

· Zohar Emulators will make a return

· Mech battles will have more mechs, more attacks, and better looking attacks

· There will be a dialogue tree system for talking to people on the field screen

· There will be more ES units





Xenosaga I + II, for the Nintendo DS info:


· If you can't tell from the screenshots, the title appears to be largely 2D

· The title is apparently being made to prepare people for Xenosaga Episode III.

· The battle system will be based on Episode I's battle engine with a "PF System" added.

· Some cutscenes will apparently be recreated using the in-game engine while others will use an FMV format of some kind.




Looking pretty cool haven't finished Xenosaga 2 yet, but I do enjoy the series, nowhere near as good as Xenogears, but it's hard to top that. Still I like the new character designs as they look more in the vein of Xenogears, and is it me or does Shion get less clothing each game. Personally I love the idea of dialogue trees, I think JRPGs have needed them for quite some time.


The remake looks cute, very Xenogears-ish, so if it plays at all like it it could also be one to pick up.

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you had me at "taken from" :)


· The series will be concluded with this title


:fuming: how so?! what happened to VI chapters, with Gears being V? dammit....i was really hoping theyd connect them, somehow, quasi-legally.... :)


Nov. 19th, dear bishop, i intend to jack a PS2 and Xeno II, for about a week. If you volunteer yours, you get my love, admiration, and about a dollar. Think it over.

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"Thus Spoke Zaratharus"? The hell? It's Zarathustra people...bone up on your Nietzsche! :birf2:


I dunno...I liked Ep.1 but it took them so long to come out with a sequel that I kinda lost interest. If this turns out to be good though, I'll have to score a copy of Ep.2 first.


No word on a release date, huh?

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Yeah, bear in mind the translation sometimes comes out like that at first..."The Will To Power" (Ch. II) sounded funky at first, as well. Fuck, i love nietzsche + RPG's.


I guess i thought the wait from part 1 to 2 was about right, being that i recall the catridge 16-bit days where several years wasnt so bad. Then again, ive still yet to play 2.


I cant find a date either, but im guessing saying "not by '05" is safe.

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Part 2 could have been fun and it did have a great stroy but the problem with the game was it has to many problems which kept it from selling or making fun. The combat was sloppy. I mean KOS-MOS is a badass yet she can't take out a run of the mill monster or a human. Boss fights were cheap and can only be won by combos and it didn't help you couldn't buy weapons,armor, or items. If not for the story I wouldn't play Xenosaga 2 ever.

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