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Should Pete Sampras retire



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Pete Sampras is dogged by the same issues I brought up in the Michael Jordan poll: He's got the drive, but his body can't produce the goods anymore. His last tournament win was over a year ago. He crashed out of his last tournament in the first round against an unknown.


It's a strange sport where you're considered old at 30. Yet Andre Agassi is considered to be fit and never seems fazed by a 5 set battle. Yet he's 32 (or thereabouts) Is age really that much of a factor?


ANd will Pete ever win again? Should he still try?

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Absolutely nothing to stop him still playing if he's fit and he wants to, and Goran Ivanisevic is about the same age and he won Wimbledon last year! Pete had dropped down to the bottom end of the top 10 last time I saw but he's still one of the favorites for Wimbledon again this year! Goran had dropped out of the top 100!!


I say keep it up Pete! :approve:

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The unkown he lost to at the Nasdaq, Fernando Gonazalez is ranked like 13 in the world.  Pete is just suffering from the marriage curse, an let's not forget Wimbledon is coming.  He's always a threat there.  He made the US Open final last year and has put forth strong results.  Just no titles lately.

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