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Actor Don Adams Dies


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"Get Smart" Actor Don Adams Dies






Associated Press

Tuesday, September 27, 2005



The actress who played Agent 99 opposite Agent Maxwell Smart on the TV show "Get Smart" says Don Adams "in person was anything but bumbling."


Adams died late Sunday in Los Angeles of a lung infection. He was 82 years old.


Barbara Feldon says he was very intelligent, that he wrote poetry, had an interest in history and had an "amazing memory" that allowed him to take an unusual approach to filming.


Instead of learning his lines ahead of time he would have a script assistant read his part to him just once or twice.


"Get Smart" twice won the Emmy for best comedy series with three Emmys for Adams as comedy actor.


He also did the voice for the popular cartoon series, "Inspector Gadget," and the voice of Tennessee Tuxedo.

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LL I used to dig that show too!. Well, at least he lived a good long life and will be immortilized in syndication (that is if Nick at Night gets their shit back together and starts playing GOOD old shows again, like Get Smart, Patty Duke, The Twilight Zone, and ESPECIALLY Alfred Hitchcock Presents.)


Seriously, as a kid I would visit my dad on Cape Cod, and my grandmother would put me to bed at like 8 or 9. I would strive to stay up until my dad got home from work. If I made it, he would make a huge bowl of popcorn and we'd sit up and watch all those shows together. Get Smart ruled.

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