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here's another random video... Rather than start a new thread I'll post it in here...it takes awhile but it's pretty funny...Kid leaves his video cam on as his mother goes bananacake over car keys...LOL... :)

Psycho MOM




Wow... that's pretty sad. She doesn't need to be responsible for the lives of children.

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This is priceless.



Woman Bites Attacker's Penis.



Newcastle - A 30-year-old accused of attempted rapist is languishing in police custody after he failed to raise the R500 bail that a Newcastle magistrate granted him on Monday.


Mfanafuthi John Nkosi's woes started last Friday when he attempted to rape a 37-year-old woman, who wrestled him before biting his penis and managing to flee.


Superintendent Buhle Ngidi told The Witness that the woman was walking at the corner of Dolomite and Mica streets in Sunnyridge, Newcastle, on Friday afternoon when Nkosi allegedly attacked her.


He said the woman was forced to undress, but she fought back, biting her attacker's penis.


Ngidi said the woman screamed and her husband, who was nearby, heard her and rushed to help, only to find a drunken Nkosi still trying to dress himself.


"He was drunk and could not escape and the victim's husband managed to apprehend him and called the police who arrested him on the spot," said Ngidi, who has lauded the courage of the woman.


Ngidi said Nkosi is being treated for a seven-centimetre laceration on his penis.





Ngidi said although fighting back during such attacks cannot always be encouraged unless it is safe to do so, the message has been relayed that women are fed up of dominant men, especially rapists.


"However, all credit for this brave woman. Nkosi will appear again in the Newcastle magistrate's court on July 27," said Ngidi.

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