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My favorite position would have to be reverse cowgirl, when we can get it to work. Our matress has gotten so lumpy that half the times I'm crooked and its hard to make it work. :(


If Tenacious D is the band Jack Black formed, which I'm sure it is, then very much so.


It would be nice if everyone would lighten up, not take life so seriously and if not be nice, then at least be polite for a change. Anf for Christ's sake, no more road rage.


Black holes...well, I'd like to believe that if you get sucked in you get to go to some strange parallel universe where time stands still and everything floats around you, like something you'd see in Twilight Zone but I'm pragmatic so I pretty much know that the gravity would tear you into itty bitty pieces that you couldn't see even with an electron microscope. Pleasant image, isn't it?


And most definitely coffee Sat. :howyoudoin:

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Red has to point out one minute detail. Red is an entirely different barrel of fish to Skeeter. Red & Skeeter rarely agree on anything, but Red & Skeeter both seem to like you. That is all.


P.S- Do you often confuse malnourished comic-book-reading Australians with Kryptonian half-entities that stand as testament to the greedy & ill-concieved nature of DC Comics?

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Wet. I'm dripping, soaking. :yup: Kidding, you little horndog.


Yes, I'm at work. Trying to post on the fly, without getting caught and kill time. You can definitely stop by before the game if you get a chance. But I don't get home until 6:30 or so. We could...I dunno, see what happens. :)


I think I get it now, though. Red is the Alter Ego of someone who reads a lot of comics. Go me! IR Edumicated. Ok, so I'm suitably impressed.

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Oy vey! :yup: I've got two of the nicest people in the world offering a dream come true. But how is a poor redhead to choose! Alas, I cannot. Draw straws you two and see who gets the privilege, because I couldn't bring myself to offer anyone sloppy seconds. :)


And Chris, an hour's better than nothing. And even if all we do is sit around and watch the Simpsons, at least I can say, "Christy and Jake came by and watched the Simpsons with us, hee!"

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