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The best place to meet women besides clubs...hmm, the internet. Try Lavalife. I love that place. And church, if you're a religious sort of person. And honestly, I'm not that cool. I'm a lazy, cynical, preachy, self righteous hardass who enjoys the occasional bout of whimsy. But, it is about how you use it. Even a big dick is useless if its attatched to a jerk. However, assuming that said penis is stuck to a nice guy, about medium is good. That is to say anywhere from 5-7 inches with about an inch and half diameter. Anything larger than that and it gets painful. Anything much smaller becomes inadequate after more than five minutes of friction.

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D battery? Yeah, that's a good enough size for me. Just right.


Umm...I don't have any plans to visit Florida anytime soon. Maybe when I have kids and can afford a trip to the monstrosity that is Disney Land. Or maybe if I ever take a trip around the Gulf. But honestly, I'm not a big fan of heat, humidity, or oranges. Although...the Everglades might be intersting and I hear that there are some noteworthy roadside attractions.

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My favorite pet is my dog, but if I had my way I'd have a rat. If you get the when they are still very small thy become quite tame. They are like dogs. They like to lick you and they are really quite intelligent.


Favorite Drink? Hmm...Bloody Mary. A close second would be whiskey and coke or anything from Boone's Farm. But if you were meaning just to satisfy thirst...tea. Fresh brewed.


Do you "swing"? No, I don't swing. Hubby won't go for that. Wish he would but...as is, I'm allowed only female partners.


Do you shave? I shave my legs and under my arms. I don't shave my face because my beard is still blonde. :2T: I used to shave the kitty, but last time I got this horrid ingrown hair that got infected and it was the size of a quarter and painful. So now I'lll just have to trim the verge rather than mow it.


Best moment in life? I've got two. The first time I got to hold my niece. She was a whole ten minutes old. And the second would have to be the first time someone took a whip to me and did it correctly. Still get shivers when I thknk about that.


Favorite sport? I am not a sports fanatic but the sport I enjoy watching most of all...hmm, toss up between hockey and rugby. I want violence!


Worst moment in life? My worst moment would have to be when my father died. It was gut wrenching. Nothing compares to losing a parent, except maybe losing a child.


Last book/ movie that you would recommend. I would recommend Kung Fu Hustle movie wise and as for a book...the Red Tent for women and for anyone, anything by Augusten Burroughs.

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Yes, I am submissive. I prefer to be submissive with a man and dominant with a woman but I can submit to a lady also. Though I could never dominate a man.


I would have to choose...a woman. I've had plenty of men in my own life.


My husband does not participate, mainly because my former Mistress was married and my current play mate is committed. Its not an option, though if the right woman comes along I wouldn't mind sharing.


250,000? Pay off the debts, substantial down payment on a house, pay for my schooling, invest what's left.

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My favorite song would have to be 'Hurt', either Trent Reznor's or Johnny Cash's versions will do. They both have their own merits.


My favorite movie...Labryinth or Secretary. I can't really decide between the two.


My favorite toothpaste?? Hmm, I've never really thought of it. I usually let the hubby decide what toothpaste. He's the one with the oral fixation. I mean, I brush twice a day and floss but I never pay much attention. I guess if I bought it myself I would buy the cinnamon flavored Close-Up. Do they still make that?


My favorite month, again another toss up. I like Oct because it starts to cool down but isn't freezing but I also like December because of Christmas and stuff.

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do you think we should try and play trivial pursuit again? Jake doesn't think you had your "A" game going. I'm bringing Scattergories next time too, Jake always wins, but you might beat him. What other games do you want to play?


What's your favorite board game?


what is your answer the "the" question?


do you watch porn? if so, what's kind do you watch?

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I wouldn't mind playing Trivial Pursuit again. It was fun if nothing else. :???: Well, we can play Clue. Nick is still bugging me about it. And Scattegories sounds like fun too. My favorite board game...I like Monopoly.


My answer to the 'question'... African swallow! JK. Actually I'd have to say...onions. That's the answer. Onions.


Yes, I do watch porn. Normally its the typical girl/guy stuff but I prefer girl on girl flicks and bondage flicks.

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Scariest thing that ever happened to me would have to be the time my sister was picking ticks off this dog that we had and we knew that you had to do something extreme to kill them so she was putting them on this paper towel that she was going to flush down the commode when she was done but I dunno what I ever did to her but she started chasing me around the house with this paper towel. There were all these huge ticks walking around it, leaving trails of blood and she cornered me in the kitchen and stuck it in my face like three inches from my nose. I was blubbering like a little bitch. Scared the willies out of me. I guess that's why I have a tick phobia now.


My favorite dishes to cook..well, I like to bake. So cakes, cupcakes, pies, roasts, anything along those lines. I love to mix stuf together, add a bunch of spices and put it in the overn and see what tasty moist things I get. My specialty would have to be chicken breasts. Nothing fancy, just some spices and throw the chicken in a broiler pan with abkut a half an inch of water, cover it with foil and let it bake for an hour. Sometimes I like to mix it wil some fettucine and some alfredo. Really good.


What isn't great about Texas?? Seriously...I love the state fair. Turkey legs, shows, the car show, salt water taffy. Good times. Then you have the nifty places in Dallas, the art museums here in Fort Worth. The stock yards, the bands, the history, the food. And the absolute joy of being Texan. My pride in my state can't compare to anything else. Plus, the really cool thing about Texas is that its so freaking big every part of it is different. East Texas is swapms and pine forest, North/central Texas is prairie, up in the panhandle you'll find the Rockies. West and South Texas is desert, except the Rio Grand Valley which is green and verdant. Lots of little towns that cling to their identity and history. Its a great place and I love it.

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I jusr realized I never replaied to this and now I feel like a heel. I'm a bad girl. Ok, furthest I've ever been from home would have to be Oregon. My mother moved us up there for a period of about eight months, when I was 8 or so. Consequrntly we left at the beginning of summer and then came back to Texas late winter.


Anyway, she moved us up there because a man (my biological father, I would find out seven years later) wanted her. Both of them had just gotten back from jail and wanted a fresh start without the stigma of probation hovering over them I suppose and he had family in Oregon.


So that' where we went and why we went.


Now I'm gonna cross my fingers and hope somebody asks me what I want from Santa so that I can share my Amazon wishlist without looking greedy/commerical or as if I'm trying to appear interesting with all the junk that is on it. :)

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Have you ever broken a bone?

Do you like swimming?

Did you ever get revenge on anybody?

Were you ever picked on at school?


I have neverb roken a bone thankfully. I'm not dare devil enough. Nor stupid enough.


I like to swim though I can't do anything more than doggie paddle.


I get revenge all the time. When someone pisses me off enough I simply refuse to do them that all important favor they always seem to need until I feel they're desperate enough. I also geta petty thrill over being right.


And yes, I was picked on at school: for wearing hand-me-downs, haveing red hair, being freckled, later on for being chubby.






I was going to ask what you wanted for Christmas, but you're a bad girl (hey, you admitted it). You'll probably just get switches and coal. :P


Mmm....hopefully plenty of switches and cat o' nine tails. :) Okay, since somebody was kind enough to ask, here's my wishlist. Notice its all books? I love the written word!


Amber's Wishlist

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