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What's your favorite color, and why?


My favorite color is blue.

No yellooooow!!!!!


No, seriously, it's blue. Why? i dunno. Probably because my room as a baby was painted blue, and it was soothing or something.


to Comrade,


Heh. Everyone's a cynic


What is your opinion of Ann Coulter and do you masturbate to fantasies of Ann Coulter?


Ann Coulter is pretty much the Michael Moore of the Right. I don't take anything she says seriously, as extreemism on any side is, well, stupid.


As for masturbating to fantasies of Ann Coulter? You bet ya! Just one shot in the eye, that's all i wanna give....



Please, Archangel, to the lazy sack that I am, please regale me with your hondos history up to this point. You seem to've made quite a name for yourself, but I couldn't be arsed reading a buncha other threads.


Well, in a nut shell, I've been pretty much outed as a fascist, sexist, homophobic, Racist, baby eating, devil spawned Republican. I've made a name for myself in the Politics thread for being, well, a republican and the 'other' point of view. Comrade Tulip and I have developed this archnemisis status, and Jax and I have exchanged verbal blows. Signal08 probably wants to shoot me with that gun of his, and Cowbow still hasn't forgiven me for using Britain and Ireland in my 'Why the European Union Can't Work' analogy.


In short, I've been here for, what? A month and a half? Maybe a little less, and I've already managed to offend most people :howyoudoin:


For more information on the Misadventures of Archangel in Hondo's Bar, please visit (practically) any thread in the Politic's Section.

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I hate the slimy buggers. It has alot to do with who they are, really. I mean, historically, this a country that's managed to loose more military engagements than any other country on the planet. People invade her for fun. A brief history of French Warfare would look like this:


The Romans: Raped and pillaged Gaul

The Germans (post Rome): Raped and pillaged Gaul

The Saxons: Raped and Pillaged Gaul

The Vikings: Raped and Pillaged Gaul

The Franks: Raped and Pillaged Gaul

The Britons: Raped and Pillaged France

(This continues for a few hundred years, until a Schizofrenic woman steps up and saves France from Britain. How does France reward her? They hand her OVER to the British, where she is promptly burned at the stake)

The British, now that Joan of Arc is dead, continue to invade France

Prussia and France have wars every so often, each time resulting with the Prussian Army (200,000 men) beating the shit out of the French army (800,000 men)

The 7 Years War: France looses unilaterally, all over the Globe, to Britain

The Napoleonic Wars: France does well, under the rule of an Italian (again), until they define Military Rule number 1: Never invade Russia in the Winter. We also see the First Rule of French Warfare: France Does Well in Wars When Not Being Led by a Frenchman.

The French Revolution(s). France wins. We begin to see the Second Law of French Warfare: France only wins wars when fighting France.

World War I: France is conquered by Germany. America and Britain save France. Then, when the war is won, France demands specific terms that screw over Germany, which paves the way for

World War II: France is, again, invaded by Germany. Only this time, the French go down without a fight. The French 'resistance' in Southern France begins to collaborate with Nazi Germany. Once again, Britain and America defend France for them, and then comes the Third Rule of French Warfare: France only wins wars when America and/or Britain do most of the fighting.

Vietnam: France's Fault

The Middle East: (partly) France's Fault


And yet these arrogant bastards have the audacity to dictate to the world what it is they should be doing! These assholes, after all we've done for them, bled for them, died for them, have done NOTHING to help us out. They're the type of 'friend' that comes crying when they need help, then stab you in the back at the first opportunity.


Next time there's a war in Europe, the looser has to keep France.

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What are you other interests besides politics?

I don't really know you that well, I'm Christy nice to meet you.

What exactly is a Republocrat, I mean I know what it kind of is, but could you elaborate?

Who do you think will be the next president in 2008?

I know there is probably a thread in the politics, but I dont go over there much, I have my own views I just dont care to get into them.

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I don't really know you that well, I'm Christy nice to meet you.


Joel, the pleasure's all mine, I assure you :yup:

What are you other interests besides politics?


Reading, writing, video games, rpg's (yes, i'm a geek), movies. I like studying law, too. But that's closely related to politics.


Who do you think will be the next president in 2008?


I have no idea. I'm not even sure who the nominees are going to be.


If I had to wager, I'd put up either Evan Bayh/Wes Clark/Hilary Clinton for dems and Rudy Guiliani/John McCain for the Republicans. As to who will win, it's up in the air, really.

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Signal08 probably wants to shoot me with that gun of his


Arch, I wouldn't kill you with my gun, just my cold steel blade (nice knife) save me from the cost of the bullet.




I have no desires to inflict harm on you, I don't even 'hate' you to any degree. I think you are wound a little too tight, most likely in the scrotum, but you express your honest opinion and I have to give you respect for that... most people are afraid to say what they truely mean.



Who would you consider to be the most recent great president. Who do you consider the most recent bad president (if any). And you can weigh it by strong personal like or weigh it by their controbution.


Who do you think is the most under-rated president.

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book rpg's (dnd, vampire). Um, Tom Clancey (stop snickering, Nick) Tolkien, R. Jordan, George R. R. Martin, Harry Potter...things like that.


don't really hav a favorite author.


Dogs. All the way. They actually like you.


some short stories, poetry now and then. it's all crap, really.

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Sorry Signal, didn't see your post there.


Great: Ronald W. Reagan. We live in a very different world today because of him. The man who brought down the Evil Empire, The Great Communicator, The Gipper. Really, he will be missed.


Worst? Hm. recently? Probably Jimmy Carter...though I don't like saying it too much. He's a very decent guy, a great person. He just didn't have the tenacity needed to be President. He let the Soviets and the world, really, walk all over him. He also had no sense in military matters. He made America's most recent diesel powered Carrier....which needs a small flotilla of tankers behind it.

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so you actually think Tolkien is a good writer? While the world he created was great and his characters were good, I thought his characters lacked arcs, he took way too long to describe anything, and I don't think he had any idea what loves is, but I did enjoy the movies. I did read all of the LotR Trilogy, and I liked most of it except for what I mentioned. People keep telling me to read the Hobbit and I have it I just havent gotten around to it. Is it good? Do you like Anne Rice?

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I think his imagination was incredible. His storytelling is great, and his character building was unbelievable. I disagree with you on love. The entire book is about love, just the fraternal type. The hobbit is very good, not as good as the trilogy.


And I'm not a big ann rice fan...my g/f is

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okay his fraternal love was good, but what about the other love, Faramir and Aowen (sp) they just saw each other and were in love? I mean I believe in love at first sight to a point I guess, but that's crazy.

Did you read the Sword of Truth series?

Weren't the first two books good?

Do you know what happened to the rest of it?

If you had the money to do anything what would it be?

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