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Tea vs Coffee


Tea or coffee  

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"You will have Tea and Cake with the Vicar or you'll DIE!"


"You! Cake or Death?"


"uh...cake please?"


"Very Well, give him cake!"


"Thank you. (Chewing) It's very nice."


to the next person


"You! Cake or Death!"


"Uh..Cake for me too please"


"Very well...give him cake too! We're gonna run out of cake at this rate."


To the next person


"Cake or Death!"


"Uh, Death please. NO! Cake, cake!"


"ha ah, ha ah, you said Death!"


"Well I meant cake"


"Oh, all right. you're Lucky we're Church of England"


Next person


"You. Cake or Death?"


"uh. Cake?"


"Well we're out of cake! We only had three bits and we didn't expect such a rush. So what will it be, mate?"


"So my choices are 'or death'?


"Well then have the Chicken. Taste of Babies. Thank you for flying Church of England. Cake or Death?"

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Or you can always smoke a cigarrette, but then that's not really quitting :)


You can always reward yourself for doing good on not smoking by buying yourself a pack a cigs' :2T:


But seriously, if you want to quit smoking you shouldnt replace it with another vice. Try occupying yourself with your new free time by doing crossword puzzles, taking up walking, or basing crack ^^

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Take Wellbutrin. After a couple of weeks on it you won't have anymore cravings. However, you have to stick with it because if you even touch a cigarette after you stop taking the medication, you'll pick it right up again. That's what happened to me, even after I had managed to quit for three months. Needless to say, I'm trying again.




Chai tea. That stuff is awesome. And fresh coffee. Stuff fresh out of the pot, just made. So fresh the machine is still percolating put hair on your chest strong. With cream and a little sugar. And my own special blend of tea that I make at home. No one likes it but my mother though I don't know why cause there really is nothing wrong with it. Orange and Black pekoe, mint, and a hint of chamomille.

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mah gyad. I've become so addicted to coffee lately... Go to whataburger, coffee. Vietnamese, coffee. Anywhere, coffee... Blah.


Is there no cure?


Tea is wonderful, though. I drink it when there is no more coffee. Haha.



Dowe has some pretty good coffee at his place, and he also turned me on to using condensed milk in coffee, and bum-sex.

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