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Incase it hasn't been said elsewhere on Hondos(I've been known to shout it at strangers on the bus): I fucking LOVED Superior Spiderman. I jumped on near the end of the run, but everything from mad scientist Peter Parker to gang warfare with Norman Osbourn and the unexpected emotional growth Otto went through as he assimilated Parker's life tickled my balls like the ladies at the rub & tug I used to go to.


And so even with the addition of Cindy Moon and the direction Slott has taken Peter(the unwitting CEO, poor guy) I was devastated to lose the Superior Spidey. Imagine my elation when I started reading Edge of Spiderverse then, to find him heading up a team of multiverse spidermen. Sadly he's not gelling well with the 'other teams' though so we'll see where he lands post-event I guess.


I'm hesitant to read the tie-in/other team books like Scarlet Spiders and Spider-stab-force but the main books have been bloody solid so far.

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Dan Slott on the Spider Marriage, "Never, ever, ever coming back"


Once upon a time, Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man, married Mary Jane Watson.


A few decades later, this marriage was erased from continuity by demonic magic with the One More Day storyline.


One more decade on, some people are still rather sore about this. And talk about it. A lot.


Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott took to the CBR forums to make pronouncements regarding the state of the now-dissolved marriage between Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson in the Amazing Spider-Man comic book – even as it has been revived in the parallel universe title Renew Your Vows. And from people who want the marriage returned in Marvel continuity and believe that one day it will happen.


Believe all you want.

It AIN’T happening.

I’ve told people this for 9 years.

Me pitching RYV and getting permission from the Powers That Be to do it– and it selling well enough to merit an ongoing– is as good as you’re going to get (so please keep the sales for Gerry & Ryan’s book up, up, UP!).

Every single editorial team since the marriage worked hard to undo it.

You will not see the marriage restored in the core continuity ever.

It’s far more likely that you’d see a line-wide reboot that reset Spider-Man to high school years (and on model with the creators’ original intent) then the marriage being restored. And THAT is never going to happen either.

Again, believe all you want. Put MJ and her wedding dress or showing off her wedding ring in EVERY message board avatar in the world. Still never happening. Ever. Ever. Ever.

I’m sure I’ll be here next year telling you the same thing.


Not happening. Over a quarter of a century has been spent by Marvel to undo it. The change from 2007 is the one where they put their collective foot down. It ain’t happening. Sorry. Ever. It’s not a question of “current writers” or “current editorial”. Marvel wants it to stay undone. Could the CHARACTERS come back together in the core continuity in a relationship that’s not a marriage? Sure. But the marriage is NEVER being officially restored.


This isn’t a “let’s argue about it” or “let’s debate it”.

This is fact. This is in stone. This is a done deal.

There is no administration in the near or distant future that will ever reinstate the marriage to the core continuity version of Spider-Man EVER again.

Could the two of them become a couple again? Yes. That could happen.

Could there be an alternate continuity where they’re married? You bet. And we worked to make that happen.

Will they ever be married again? Never.

Is there some future person out there who loves the marriage and will someday wind up a creator or editor at Marvel? Could happen.

Will they be able to reinstate the marriage of these two Marvel characters?


A person who believes that’s a scenario that could happen does not have a realistic grasp on how a company/corporate entity like Marvel functions.

That’s the reality of the situation.


It’s not happening.


It’s never, ever going to happen.

There is more going on then just people willing or wanting to write for that set up.

There is no person, no matter how passionately they cared about the pre-OMD setup who could ever make it through all the steps and paces to get to a position of editorial power AND be given the reins of the Spider-Unit who would EVER be allowed to put this back into play.

There is no lottery ticket BIG enough that anyone could win it, buy Marvel, and make this status quo happen.

It’s NEVER, EVER, EVER coming about.

No matter how much you want it.

It ain’t happening.

There is NO possible path to this.


It wasn’t some magic concurrence of “THESE GUYS” want to undo it.

EVERYONE in power was working on how to undo it NOT THAT LONG INTO THE MARRIAGE.

The undoing was going to happen. It was just a matter of when.

Now that it HAS happened, it AIN’T unhappening.


Your premise of why-and-how it happened isn’t accurate, and the obstacles against the inverse happening are– when you understand the larger forces at work here– are INSURMOUNTABLE.




at this point, Slott's been at the helm - i wanna say - longer than any other writer on AMS. i can see how MJ felt like a dead-end for writers back there, and he's not wrong about Renew Your Vows being good, too.


CBR forums can be a mess & prolly some of the most diehard holdouts on there, but i tend to look at this like i do with other marvel default positions from years ago: Xavier's not coming back to lead from his mansion where the classic team can play baseball out front, you're not getting an Avengers lineup of classic Thor, Iron Man, Cap, Hawkeye, Vision, Scarlet Witch etc (certainly not without some of their replacements), and so on. i mean, we can (and do) reboot whenever so cats can clearly be put back in the bag, but some storylines/characters have spent a decade or more evolving past these points.


that said, we clearly see throwbacks like Waid's Avengers 4.1, RYV & other Untold Tales of Spidey type stuff, i expect more of that on the side.

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It'll happen again, probably not for over a decade but newjacks who grew up on the Peter/MJ power couple are just waiting in the wings and Joe Quesada can't stand in their way forever. Aside from Clark Kent/Lois Lane there is really no better power couple in comics and I don't care how vehemently they deny it, it's going to come back again. I see why a lot of writers saw him settling down as a dead-end but the truth of the matter is that that time in the early '00s when MJ and Aunt May knew he was Spider-Man were a cathartic time because there were at least some people in his life he could turn to who weren't other superheroes. I'll admit that I don't want Spider-Man to go back to being a street level vigilante working for peanuts taking pictures at the Daily Bugle for Jonah Jameson (though they need to keep inventing ways to keep Jonah around, he's secretly the heart of the series and has been since issue one), I like science hero Spider-Man and Miles Morales is covering the teenage Spider-Man bit perfectly well now that he's out of the bullshit Ultimate Universe. Like I said, won't happen today or tommorrow but if they can keep bring back Ben Reilly and have Peter carry a torch for lame-ass Gwen Stacy then the MJ shippers will eventually get their way again.

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i mean - i can kinda see it, but not the same way it was. Slott's careful to just say "married" so maybe they simply don't do that agian.


and yeah, Jonah going from head of the Bugle to Mayor to TV has just been fantastic, and he's quietly another character they've evolved as well. reading Miles' current book, he absolutely has young, broke & down-on-his-luck on lock in his own way (even though i don't fully think Miles has grown into his own character quite yet - he's on his way, but his big moments still feel forthcoming), and it really feels like post clone conspiracy, they're set to pull the rug out from Stark 2.0 Peter as well.


it's weird with supporting cast; i thought Aunt May's death back in the clone saga was one of the most tasteful ones of its era, but understood why JMS felt the need to bring her back, too. Marconi & others have filled a great role but i do kinda get the vibe that when Horizon 2.0/Parker Inc comes crashing down, whoever follows Slott might not keep any of them about. Harry & Betty being in the picture again feels more like a mainstay, but there's a lot in the spider-verse that feels temporary: will a post-bendis Miles still ship with Spider-Gwen? how long is this d-bag gonna have the Venom symbiote? etc

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I expect that Peter's probably gonna get kicked out as CEO and Harry's going to fill his shoes, Goblinization is possible in that event. The supporting cast has always been the ultimate complement to one of the best protagonists in fiction (I generally mean that, peeling through old issues has revealed all the depth to Peter Parker he's his own foil and that's such a wonderfully human quality that most heroes don't get to have, Daredevil and Iron Fist do it too but not as well) Marconi and Harry have been great in this bunch and Mary Jane is such a great character that I would genuinely love a book just about her day-to-day dealings in the Marvel Universe. But Spider-Man's supporting cast really hinges on two characters, they are absolute deal-breakers because they inform so much of the morality and tone of the book: Jonah Jameson and Aunt May. Jameson is generally used as a low-level villain and comedic relief but there's a reason he's hung around so long, his antagonistic relationship with Spider-Man has always provided the backbone of Peter's drive to do better, he's sort of the opposite side of the coin to Uncle Ben in that regard. Jameson doesn't let Peter rest on his laurels, he doesn't let him get too full of himself and his realization that he's never going to get accolades regardless of his deeds so he might as well just do things because they're right is a big part of Peter not falling into the abyss of his own selfishness. May is the nurturing side of that, she didn't come out as fully formed as Jameson. She just started as a sort of alarmist grandmother type who was constantly frail and on death's door, it wasn't until the '70s when she became an elder-rights activist and started showing more of a battle-axe quality that she starts to turn into a great character. A lot of writers (including Lee and Ditko) just use her as an easy emotional stake, "Aunt May's in trouble, I have to help her" and that's been my main gripe with her many deaths over the years, especially One More Day. It's not her potential as a mother figure or an easy damsel that makes May important, if Jameson is the devil on Peter's shoulder telling him his deeds will never be worth it, May is the one on the other shoulder reminding him that they don't have to be. Aunt May and J. Jonah Jameson are elemental pieces of Spider-Man's story and while you could arguably replace them with characters that fill the same role they would just be pale imitations of something that works far too well to mess with.


I appreciate the way the story is evolving, part of why people were getting tired of Spider-Man was that it was beginning to spin its tires and that's happened throughout the years (reading through the '70s was a slog) and I like the idea of keeping it fluid. Spider-Man is a versatile character and they can really do whatever they want with him so long as they keep those elemental pieces in place somehow.


And yes, I am sharply disliking the new Venom series, I am eagerly awaiting this guy's death though I fear that it won't happen soon or ever. Toxin handled this type of story so much better and not even more Eddie Brock can make me hopeful going forward.

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:lush: i agree with an awful lot of what you posted - even as a huge DD fan who highlights the top-tier writing my dude has seen off & on for quite a while now, Peter stands out in my mind as the one flagship character that really earns his keep - wolvy & characters like that are likewise crazy popular but have almost none of the quality that Pete does, and unlike what Stan's said before, i don't think it's all hinged just on his reliability.


i mean, he's deeply flawed in some obvious ways (wisecracks to hide his insecurities) and some less so (your point on his selfishness with is totally off balance along with his occasional martyrdom, his temper controlling his fairly high level of strength & just how frightening/vindictive he can become in the few times he's pushed too far & stops joking, etc).


it's funny you've brought up so many older runs, as a couple months ago, id wanted to re-read Kraven's Last Hunt, Death of Jean Dewulff/Sin Eater, Carrion Saga etc, so i grabbed a few decades of Amazing, Spectacular, Web of & Peter Parker series. as a kid, id found a trade of Marvel Masterworks with like the first 7-8 issues of Amazing and was impressed at how well i thought it aged, especially with new (now classic) villains nearly every issue. but really, once i had all that in front of me, i'd just grab random issues sometimes & was really impressed but just how enjoyable so much of it was - Michelline, Stern, Defalco, Thomas, Conway, Jenkins, Demattias, David etc - it's crazy, usually overexposure tens to favor more shit than quality, but while not all of these runs were knockouts, there was rarely stuff i just didn't find enjoyment from.

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Marvel Legacy: Spider-Man goes back to basics (spoilers)


This fall will see the launch of Marvel Legacy, a new initiative by the world-famous comic publisher to return many of its famous characters to core principles — and, along with it, the comics’ original numbering. Marvel has gone through a few different initiatives in recent years that relaunched series with new number-one issues — Marvel NOW! in 2012, with All-New All-Different Marvel following a couple years later in the wake of Secret Wars. But this new numbering will tie Marvel’s books back to its predecessors and the long-running history of Marvel.


Legacy, however, will drill heroes back down to what their fans love about them. Recent years have seen much experimentation with status quo — Peter Parker became a tech billionaire, Steve Rogers became a Hydra agent, and so on. Legacy, by contrast, will see heroes like Spider-Man go back to what they do best, while still looking ahead to the future.


EW can exclusively reveal the Legacy covers for Amazing Spider-Man #789 (which reverts back to this classic numbering after September) and Venom #155 (which already went back to original numbering in May to celebrate issue #150). That Amazing Spider-Man issue will begin the “Fall of Parker” storyline, in which Peter returns to The Daily Bugle in a mysterious capacity following the disappearance of Parker Industries, while Venom begins the “Lethal Protector” story that will pit everyone’s favorite symbiote against fellow Spider-villains like Kraven the Hunter.


EW talked to Amazing writer Dan Slott and Venom artist Mark Bagley about what they have in store for their characters under Legacy‘s brand-new day. Look for both issues to hit stands this October, and look for another Marvel Legacy post to hit EW.com later on Friday…




ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Marvel Legacy seems to be bringing Marvel characters down to their core aspects. Peter Parker’s gone through a lot of changes in recent years, from his time of possession by Doc Ock to his recent stint as head of Parker Industries. How does Legacy bring him back to earth?

DAN SLOTT: This is a Peter Parker who’s had it all, lost it all, and now has to find his place in the world again. It’s a return to the scrappy underdog status that’s the Peter Parker we all know and love. We’re going to see a return to form, with old friends coming back onto the stage, some in all-new ways. It’s all been leading to this — from Big Time, to Superior, through Spider-Verse, and the Parker Industries era. It’s been a crazy ride, but now that we’re here, we’re going to get a Peter/Spider-Man that’s closer to a core Spidey than we’ve had in years. Everything counts. Payoffs for longtime readers are coming, but the Marvel Legacy of it all will also make this a great jump on point for new readers — or people who’ve just discovered Spider-Man in Homecoming.


It sounds like Peter will be involved with The Daily Bugle again after some time away. What role does the Bugle fill in his life?

In Amazing Spider-Man we’re going to see The Daily Bugle and the Bugle cast come back in a big way. And, no, it is NOT about Peter becoming a photographer again. It’s a new twist. It’s something we haven’t seen in Amazing Spider-Man yet. After 55 years, that’s a pretty cool trick, right? And it’s a development I’ve been dying to get to for a long time!


You’ve worked on Spider-Man for a while now. How has your relationship to the character changed over that time?


Since I was 8 years old, Spider-Man wasn’t just my favorite super hero, he was my favorite character in all fiction. That hasn’t changed. It’s just now I’m the guy stacking the deck against the poor schlub. Every year, every issue, every panel it’s my job to find new ways to test him, to knock him down. And it’s always worth it because nobody gets back up like Spider-Man. And when he gets back up, we all do.


Between this, Chip Zdarsky and Adam Kubert’s new Spider-book, new cartoons, and of course Spider-Man: Homecoming, this feels like a great time to be a Spider-fan. What will hungry fans get out of Amazing going forward?

Couldn’t agree more! Chip and Adam on Spectacular, the Miles Morales, Ben Reilly, and Spider-Gwen books, the new Disney XD Spider-Man cartoon, Homecoming — this is a golden era for Spidey fans! Over on Amazing, we’re going to be serving up everything you love about Spider-Man, all the quips and thwips! There’ll be big adventure, soap opera twists, the craziest villains, the greatest supporting cast, and you’ll be getting it gorgeously penciled by Stuart Immonen, inked by Wade von Grawbadger, and colored by Marte Gracia — the best damn art team in all of comics! Plus, don’t forget, when Legacy kicks off, Amazing Spider-Man goes back to its original numbering. And that number is #789. Amazing Spider-Man #1 kicked off in 1963. This book has been charting Peter Parker’s destiny all that time, and the countdown to Amazing Spider-Man #800 is starting now. The ride from here on out is going to be epic! And the payoff is going to be huge!

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Writer Dan Slott is leaving Amazing Spider-Man, "Go Down Swinging" to be his last arc (ASM #797-800)

"In March, writer Dan Slott kicks off what appears to be his final Amazing Spider-Man storyline in Issue #797. The arc, titled “Go Down Swinging,” is illustrated by Stuart Immonen and will introduce an all-new character to Marvel Comics’ Spider-Man mythos. The issue’s solicitation text states, “Dan Slott has saved his most harrowing Spider-Man story for last.”

Slott and Immonen’s storyline, announced via Marvel Comics’ March 2018 solicitations, focuses on the recently returned Green Goblin’s most dangerous scheme to date and will introduce the Red Goblin to the Marvel Universe. Whether the character is a villain or hero remains unknown at this time.

Dan Slott has been guiding Spider-Man’s comic book adventures since 2008. Slot joined the title as one of four writers during Amazing Spider-Man‘s weekly publication era from 2008-2010. He took over as the series sole scripted in November 2010, and has remained the main architect of Peter Parker’s adventures since.

Over the course of his decade-long run with the character, Slott has introduced a number of massive changes to Spider-Man’s world. Among the biggest moments are the death of Peter Parker, the rise of Doctor Octopus as the Superior Spider-Man, and the resurrection of Peter Parker. Slott told the story of Peter finally finding success (thanks in large part to Doc Ock’s machinations while his mind was in control of Peter’s body), and then losing it all. Most recently, Slott and Immonen paired Spider-Man with Mockingbird, both as superhero partners as well as love interests.

Here's the full solicitation text for Amazing Spider-Man #797, the first chapter of Dan Slott and Stuart Immonen’s “Go Down Swinging” storyline:

  • Cover by ALEX ROSS
The Green Goblin is back — and scarier than ever! Dan Slott has saved his most harrowing Spider-Man story for last as he and Stuart Immonen kick off the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN story ten years in the making. Osborn got his crazy back and has a plan that’ll make all his past plans look like child’s play. Peter Parker and the people he loves (ALL of them) are in deep trouble. And who or what is the RED GOBLIN?! The only way Spider-Man survives is to GO DOWN SWINGING!
32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

again, ive enjoyed more of Slott's run than not (Superior Spider-Man felt like a high point, Clone Conspiracy a personal low) but we could really use new blood here, excited to see the new team announced. 

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this shit was fun, and i would've been down for a longer series.  Boomerang is such an enjoyable dick, and man, Shocker really  never got his due (Beetle either).  gonna have to watch for the omnibus on this one - and yeah, i can totally see why Spencer's on Amazing these days.


speaking of, anyone reading that?  hoo boy, The Last Hunt was...well, it's a Kraven hunting story so you know it's gonna be dark, but geez

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today i learned spidey & mj had rona in the 90s






In Spectacular Spider-Man 176-177, published in 1991, city residents are starting to fall ill from a mysterious ailment dubbed "Soho fever". Spider-Man brings people who collapsed from fever on the street to the hospital and eventually MJ falls ill while Peter visits.


Meanwhile, Peter's on assignment with the Daily Bugle interviewing scientist Cedric Forrester in his lab which gets cut short when a certain "Corona" invades the building to steal his research.


Later it is revealed that she is Cedric's sister and they were involved in some ethically dubious experiments leading to both her condition and also contaminating the city's water supply.


Eventually, Spider-Man gets sick himself from direct contact fighting Corona.

The issues have unsurprisingly gained in value among collectors over the past year.



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